How Secure storage solutions can protect assets and automate access

Today, businesses are challenged with providing protection and security, while at the same time eliminating the need for manual distribution and collection of assets. Secure storage solutions can help solve this challenge.

Examples include:

  • Curfews to notify management if a device has not been returned on time
  • Fault logging can be used to report any issues with devices or equipment, with the ability to lock it in place, preventing it from being released until it has been repaired
  • Integrated charging capabilities to ensure devices are always charged, ready for use and automatically dispenses the portable device that has a charged battery
  • Different access methods available such as biometric readers, access control cards or PIN codes
  • Phone credentials and Bluetooth to add to biometrics and fobs
  • Advanced booking of assets to prevent retrieval by other users
  • Reduce the needed inventory through complete user accountability and better utilization

Here’s how Secure Storage from Traka works…

Intelligent storage solutions from Traka offer an efficient and secure way to manage the assets in use every day.  When not in use, business assets are safely stored within one of Traka’s secured locker compartments, and when it’s time to put that asset to use, it is automatically allocated to authorized users. What’s more, you control who gains access, and when. And with a complete audit trail of every user and item transaction, your staff is now 100% accountable for the assets they use.

Through Traka’s deep integrations, your assets can become tools that drive your critical processes like never before. Restrict a user from exiting a facility until his/her sensitive asset has been safely returned, or change access permissions for entire departments through your existing HR database. The possibilities are endless.

Solutions for Every Need

Traka’s secure storage solutions can manage devices ranging from laptops and tablets, PDAs, radios, weapons, hard drives and more.

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