Every organization implements and refines processes that are designed to maximize productivity, efficiency, and safety. Formally, this is referred to as Business Process Management (BPM). Now, BPM is reaching into employee pockets to improve operations by tracking keys for vehicles, doors, and even machinery.

Lost vehicle key

While the cost of a lost vehicle key can range from $12 for a basic key and over $200 for a key that contains a transponder, the more significant loss lies in productivity. Best case, if the vehicle is at the office, it’s a matter of finding the spare key or having a new key cut or programmed as quickly as possible.

Lost building key

A building key that’s accidentally taken home after a shift can quickly be forgotten. While a lost door key will likely not result in a business process stopping for too long, what is the cost to re-key 10, 100, or even 700 doors? (We’re looking at you, Anchorage) And don’t forget about lockboxes and safes. These are likely keyed as well.

Key management and tracking for modern businesses

Modern key management solutions can greatly enhance business process management. By integrating key management with access control, time and attendance, and other systems, processes can be streamlined.

For example, corrections facilities can enforce safety protocols for guards. Intelligent lockers ensure that each staff member is provisioned with the proper safety equipment, such as a radio, Taser®, bodycam, or duress alarm, prior to being granted access to dangerous areas. Only after the equipment is checked out from the integrated solution, does the guard’s status change in the access control platform to grant him/her access. In other words, there would be no chance of a guard not being prepared for her duties.

Integrated key management and tracking can be used in many major industries:

• Manufacturing
• Utilities
• Correctional Facilities
• Production and Assembly
• Pharmaceutical
• Theme Parks
• Mining
• Oil & Gas

The missing piece in the key management process

Traka® systems enable businesses to secure, manage, and audit the use of almost any physical asset, including keys, electronic devices, secure areas, equipment, machinery, and vehicles. Traka® provides intelligent key and equipment management to better protect important assets – resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage, and fewer losses, which in turn means less administration and lower operating costs.

By integrating Traka® into the operations and human resources systems already deployed, keys and assets become important tools in facilitating daily processes and behaviors that matter most to your business, rather than causing unnecessary delays due to human error.

Traka® removes the opportunity for human error in manual processes. Key pairing ensures that sensitive keys never leave the facility. Users can be required to submit their personal keys or identification to release work keys. The system can even be used to ensure that all power in a work zone is off and cannot be reactivated until engineers have completed hazardous work and returned their keys. Traka® can ensure that workers have been provisioned proper safety equipment before being granted access to dangerous areas. This reduces administrative overhead by automating daily processes.

Business Process Management Partner

Vision Security Technologies is the sole Traka® Certified Reseller in Alabama and Tennessee, giving our clients unparalleled design, installation, and maintenance expertise. The Traka® asset accountability system footprint extends to over 70 countries with 44,000 employees supporting the technology solution globally.

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