Let’s look at three new technologies that are revolutionizing safety and security at industrial plants.

Access Control
It’s now affordable to have a security camera at each secured door for identification verification, to record activity near sensitive entrances, and to provide video evidence when something goes wrong. These cameras can be integrated into your access control system. Mobile Credentials can now open doors automatically for authorized access by using smart phones. This technology is becoming more and more prevalent.

Perimeter Detection
Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), ranging from fence detection to microwave beam detectors to buried cable systems, create data that is collected by PIDS software on a local computer. With Power over Ethernet (PoE), the remote perimeter devices are connected to power by the same cable that’s delivering the data to the PIDS software program. The move to PoE eliminates separate power supplies and places the power delivery requirements on network switches.
The software that monitors the sensors on your perimeter is also smarter. Deep level integrations between the perimeter detection software and other systems at your facility streamline security operations for faster verification and response to intrusions. In the past, contact closures were attached to the video surveillance system which would cause a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to move to an alarm zone. Now, through software integration, PTZ cameras can have a reduced field of view to smaller alarm zone areas, thus giving the operator a closer view of the alarm zone. A closer view allows for better identification of the potential threat and a quicker response decision.

Asset Management
In most cases, asset management is a manual process. Tracking stored versus used devices, managing key locations and vehicles, and tracking other plant assets is a challenge. With the advent of advanced tracking systems, like Traka, asset tracking is much simpler. Now, notifications can be made to managers and administrators when vehicle keys aren’t returned before a specific time. Operational tools can be traced back to the most recent user. Plus, the cost to cut new keys or fitting new locks is nearly eliminated by keeping close tabs on the key inventory.

When considering new security technologies, there is a detailed discovery process to undertake. The Vision team evaluates your current hardware and software, learns how the current technologies are applied as part of your operations model, and recommends upgrades that will improve your processes, safety, and security.

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