With 2020 upon us, it’s time to make our predictions for the New Year. Several topics will maintain importance; however, a few will gain popularity, and a few are certain to catch everyone by surprise due to the emergence of new and unforeseen threats.

Here’s what we think we should all be keeping an eye on.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, including in your security cameras and video analytics software systems. As AI improves alongside the increasing computational power of security devices, watch for the algorithms used in video analytics to continue to improve dramatically. And there’s an important reason for this…it carries into the next topic to watch.

Camera Overload

Adding more cameras than you can watch can become an operational challenge. Customers who keep an eye on live surveillance cameras are facing a growing challenge as the number of cameras they’re empowered to observe continues to increase. Managing this growing number of cameras requires improvements in computer hardware, storage appliances, and user interface software. If you haven’t had an upgrade in your hardware or software recently, it’s likely time to evaluate your current capabilities as compared to the most current solutions available. AI, as mentioned above, brings new opportunities to implement solutions that streamline operations significantly, however without the software and hardware to support the new solutions, you may be keeping options off the table.


2019 saw an ever-increasing threat at educational campuses, city centers, and houses of worship. While technologies exist to mitigate many of these growing risks, it’s also important to factor in the customary policies at these facilities. There’s a growing need for stakeholders and solutions providers to come together to discuss current physical and electronic technologies available to limit the risk in the types of locations.

Data Security

While maintenance of systems has always been important, keeping a close eye on firmware and software patches and updates will grow in importance. Data security is critical to everyone’s personal information and the use of security devices to gain access to your operational network is real. Likewise, a bad actor’s ability to control or take down your security system remains a threat. Keeping software and firmware up to date will minimize your organizational risk.

Forward Looking Vision Security Technologies

Vision Security Technologies monitors trends and new threats, keeping you always informed about new solutions. We can design, install, monitor, and maintain your state-of-the-art security solution to secure your personnel, students, visitors, and assets. We offer 24-hour remote monitoring of your systems, utilizing the best solutions available. We protect facilities ranging from small business offices to warehouses and manufacturing facilities and are ready to help you with your unique security solution.