As the number of cameras deployed increases at nearly every location and facility you can imagine, the need to display cameras of interest in a strategic way becomes more important. Fortunately, advanced cameras with video analytics and unified solutions that provide integrated alerts have helped to better determine which cameras need to be viewed. However, the fact remains that security operators have a lot of footage to watch at any given time.

To do this efficiently, security operators are often seated at dedicated workspaces with multiple monitors right in front of them. These monitors, usually two to four of them, are usually about 23” in size and are ideal for monitoring multiple systems aside from video surveillance, including access control, intercom, fire alarm, and other critical systems. However, when it comes to sharing larger views with other staff in the same room or seeing more cameras in the system, much larger monitors are often attached to the wall or placed in front of the wall.

Some monitor wall solutions, like Barco for example, are known for creating nearly bevel-less solutions for extremely large displays that can view surveillance feeds or other information in a variety of formats. These types of systems are basically connected in such a way that the monitor wall acts as a unified display system.

Also common is the practice of mounting multiple large monitors, usually between 55” and 100” on the wall or in front of the wall. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. Monitors can be mounted using common wall mounts which are attached and anchored directly to the wall. Another option, like that offered by Winsted, is a mounting system that is placed directly in front of the wall. This grid-type solution allows for the display of large monitors without having to damage the wall.

Recently, advancements in sit-stand desk technology have allowed larger monitors to raise and lower as the operator’s desk raises and lowers, thus keeping the proper view for the security operator. This keeps all the monitors in view and allows the operator to stay more alert and active while working.

Driving the video or other applications to these monitors can involve dedicated computers, video decoders, integrated video cards, cable television devices, and other systems. Having a clear plan for how to best display all of the appropriate feeds is critical.

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