By now, you are seeing a few ways that our Technology Guide for the “New Normal” can help your business or organization re-open and stay open with safety and security in mind.  Let’s take a look at how your business is handling the process of re-opening and staying open when it comes to screening employees and visitors as they enter your facility.

Temperature Detection Technology

Thermal imaging cameras for security purposes has been used for many years to detect a potential threat along a perimeter. It’s also been used to monitor electrical substations for overheating equipment and by the Coast Guard to detect a person in a large body of water, just to name a few applications. Now it is being used for initial screening of employees and visitors at facilities.

From floor kiosk to desktop to wall or ceiling mounted, many options are available for detecting an elevated body temperature using a thermal camera system. As a person approaches the camera, the system reads the temperature of the subject and generates an alert if the temperature exceeds a predetermined limit. Then, in most cases, when an elevated temperature alert is created, the subject is directed to another area for further screening processes.


These systems can screen efficiently with appropriate application for the technology. This allows organizations to select a system that best suits their environment and meets their performance expectations. Employees and guests who are feeling under the weather will be more likely to stay at home if they know screening will be taking place upon their arrival. Likewise, a person who is unaware that they are starting a higher than normal body temperature can be made aware of the situation and can receive further screening or instructions to seek medical advice.


With a wide range of systems available, we have outlined a few considerations that need to be addressed before making a purchase decision and designing the solution.

  • Environment
    • Windows and doors behind the subject
    • Indoor versus outdoor screening and ambient temperature
  • Attire and PPE
    • Face detection analytics
    • Face shields, goggles, masks, and face coverings
    • Hats and glasses
  • Application
    • Speed of throughput
    • Subject volume
    • Number of screening posts
    • Secondary screening procedures
    • HIPAA compliance, waivers, and data protection
    • Mounting considerations
  • System
    • Black body versus ambient temperature baseline
    • Range from subject to camera
    • Subject throughout
    • Mounting requirements and options
    • FDA approval
    • Temperature variance
    • Field of view
    • Alert handling
    • 3rd party system or accessory integration

Screening During the New Normal

To help keep your security team and facility as safe as possible while operating at maximum efficiency, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain elevated body temperature detection systems that meet the needs of your organization and exceeds the requirements of all stakeholders from the security team to the operations team. This is especially true when getting your organization up and running is critical.

Contact Vision today to get started with a customized, integrated, and scalable safety and security solution.