Industrial manufacturing facilities are always thinking about operational efficiency and safety. These important aspects of your business may be largely addressed with a proper enterprise-class access control system, or ACS.

OSHA compliance, IT security, inventory control, and other key factions demand accountability. There’s no better way than access control to manage accountability; knowing who’s in a specific area or what assets are currently at risk. Limiting access reduces corporate risk and protects your entire organization. It creates barriers as needed and easily grants access to authorized personnel.

System integration allows users to verify identities and create event timelines. For example, an employee my accidentally drop an access control credential in the parking lot. This credential alone will grant access to unauthorized personnel if an integrated system doesn’t exist to further restrict access or at least create an evidence trail. Combining the access control system with intrusion detection keypads, biometric readers, video surveillance cameras, or other systems creates an intelligent, comprehensive solution that reduces corporate exposure and increases workplace safety.

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