While discussions about eminent and long-term COVID-19 vaccines and treatments are filling the news headlines, the fact remains that access control systems already in place at facilities around the world can be used as-is or with minor modification in most cases to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and keep businesses open.

While customizing an access control plan requires planning and strategic implementation, let’s take a look at some common ways that access control solutions can provide immediate relief to some of your challenges.

Contact Tracing

Knowing who has been in your building or on your campus is a great place to start when it comes to contact tracing. And, with detailed reporting, your access control solution can provide additional details and filters that can help narrow down potential exposure contact lists. In most cases, this capability is already part of your solution. If you need help with report configuration, expert assistance is available from our team.

Enhanced Access Control Procedures

By making simple modifications to automated access to specific doors, you can restrict entry to only doors that are staffed or equipped to handle pre-entry evaluations. Likewise, once a person has been exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19, you can simply turn off or modify their credentials accordingly. Again, this capability is already in place in most systems.

Leveraging Data

Your access control system may be able to maintain occupancy limits when the system is used to “badge-out” of the building or area as well. In the absence of a badge-out option, reports can provide your team with information about common occupancy levels based on location or time of day.

Pre-entry Screening

Some systems can be enabled to work with an online self-assessment solution. Consider the option of having employees and visitors complete a short health questionnaire prior to arrival. If they answer a question that posses a risk, the access control system can manually or automatically be modified to deny or delay entry to that person upon their arrival. An online system can also provide instructions for the person to perform prior to returning to the facility.

Automation for Health and Safety

The Vision team is ready to help you protect your students, employees, and visitors by establishing an anti-COVID optimized access control solution.

We can help implement immediate modifications and upgrades and design new, long-term access control solutions. We will navigate initial discussions with all stakeholders by clearly explaining the various technologies and how they operate and impact the overall safety and security plan.

Once a plan is approved, our experienced and professional design and installation team will ensure your facility and surrounding grounds are protected.

Contact Vision today to get started on a healthy and secure access control strategy.