Securing an office building is far less simple than it used to be. Locking the doors and installing an intrusion detection system used to do the trick.

Today, threats are more complicated office space usage varies widely. As a result, new strategies and technologies must be used to provide a safe and secure workplace.

Additionally, ownership of the various systems must be considered. For example, will there be one master access control system for the entire building, or will each tenant be responsible for their own system within their leased space? Both options are possible, however this must be considered when developing the security plan.

Intrusion Detection

Some office buildings are open to the public with free entry while others are more secure, requiring visitors to check in before progressing past the lobby. As a result, the use of an intrusion detection system is different than it used to be. Now, rather than focusing on the front door and lobby, intrusion detection systems are often used to focus on secondary emergency doors, vaults, IT racks and closets, and other sensitive areas.

Access Control

Once inside the building, access control technology is the preferred method of securing elevators, specific floors, areas, and offices. Without the proper credential, access will be denied.  Logging of “access denied” events can provide a window of opportunity for management and security to realize a developing threat.

Video Surveillance

Layering security cameras on top of intrusion detection and access control points allows for video verification of active alarms or events that occurred in the past. Yes, you’ll likely still see plenty of cameras outside of the building and in the parking lot, however, the use of cameras in interior spaces in increasing rapidly.

Visitors, Parking, and Exterior Spaces

Solutions for securing parking areas are increasing in popularity. Access control credentials can be used to open gates for employees. When visitors encounter a gate, they may be required to communicate with security via an intercom system equipped with a video camera. This allows clear voice communication and video verification of who is at the gate before allowing the vehicle into the area.

Whether a visitor or a daily employee, safety outside of the building is a growing concern. Aside from the expected cameras on the corners of the building watching general activity, facilities are increasing security by adding emergency call stanchions with intercom stations and video cameras as well as improved lighting in parking lots and along walkways.

Likewise, a person entering a lobby may be required to provide identification and be assigned to an escort, whereas known employees and contractors with verified credentials can pass through lobby turnstiles and into secure office spaces without delay by presenting their access card or biometric credential. Visitors can be logged into a visitor management system that keeps track of repeat and new visitors. This system can provide an access control credential or simply print a name badge to be worn while at the facility.

Secure Vision

Vision Security Technologies has the expertise required to recommend the ideal security solution for your office building. This ensures that you’ll improve safety, deter crimes from occurring, and will capture the evidence you need for post-incident investigations. We can design, install, monitor, and maintain your state-of-the-art security solution to secure your staff, students, visitors, and property.