Protecting a temporary or remote site comes with dozens of challenges to a security team. These locations are often in areas with limited or no power source, limited or no network connectivity, and in many cases involve surveilling larger than normal crowds or very isolated areas. Teams need a resource capable of bridging the connectivity gap to provide security, event managers, and remote operations centers with intelligence needed to carry out a safe event or operation.

To do this, mobile trailers towed by vehicles are outfitted with network communication devices. Video observation is enabled by installing fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Trailer security is provided by intrusion and seismic detectors. Visible lighting acts as a deterrent and provides illumination necessary for cameras to function in full color. Batteries, solar panels, generators, and inverters provide the power necessary to run the equipment. Video surveillance recording appliances run locally or as a backup to streaming images that are recorded or viewed at the command center. This is all provided and delivered in an integrated and environmentally hardened platform.

These self-sufficient units provide a security and observation technology boost for applications including:

· Sporting Venues

· Public Gatherings

· Event Management & Security

· Law Enforcement Surveillance

· Construction Site Monitoring

· Critical Infrastructure

· Traffic Control

· Theft & Vandalism Prevention

· Disaster Relief


The ability for the remote unit to connect to the command center is more involved than a simple network connection. Consideration must be given to line-of-sight wireless network connectivity, wireless internet 3G, 4G, or even 5G connectivity, and wired network connectivity options. And once connected to the organization’s network, technical integration variables must be considered as far as the ability to view the security camera within in the video management system and receive other detection data that’s sent from the remote location to the command center in a compatible format.

The Leading Mobile Solution

MobileVision, a division of Vision Security Technologies, makes it possible to monitor activity remotely at virtually any location, at any time. The portable video surveillance unit provides a compact, self-contained, flexible, and convenient security solution that can be quickly deployed.

We’re Here to Assist with Planning and Implementation

On-site lighting variables, network connectivity, and power considerations create some very specific and difficult challenges for temporary and remote location security and operations management. It’s crucial to consult with integrated solution experts before deploying an inappropriate solution of mismatched technologies. This can lead to a costly, cumbersome, and ineffective result.

We’ll navigate initial discussions with internal and external stakeholders, set reasonable expectations, provide demonstrations, and explain technologies and functions. Once a plan is approved, our experienced team will ensure your event, facility, and surrounding grounds are protected.

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