Securing your school is top of mind, however a new crisis has been brewing related to health and safety in schools – vaping. And security personnel are being tasked with putting an end to the trend by detecting violations and enforcing new anti-vaping policies.

A recent article in Education Week highlighted the student vaping crisis, calling it an “e-cigarette epidemic.” As they observe, school administrators, tasked with everything from curriculum oversight to facilities maintenance, are now adding the vaping crisis to their list of concerns, and many of them are at a loss as to where to start with this new health crisis.

While efforts to convince students that vaping is a poor choice are underway in nearly every school, resources and technologies to reliably detect vaping and quickly alert authorities are the next line of defense. Solutions like the HALO Smart Sensor are being implemented to detect active vaping and alert school policy enforcement officials.

Detection and Alerting

Sensors like HALO use technology in their devices to detect a multitude of measurements, customized to the needs of school administrators. They can detect vape, cigarette smoke, THC, temperature, humidity, and hazardous chemicals as well as sound abnormalities like shouting and screaming. The sound abnormality sensors enable HALO to serve double duty as a security and safety device in areas where cameras aren’t allowed, like restrooms and locker rooms.

The sensors are adjusted to meet the environmental conditions of the space they are deployed in. For example, the sensors are tuned to low or high ceilings, large or small rooms, in order to detect effectively in virtually any environment. Analytics in the sensor are tuned to ignore common false positives such as body and disinfectant sprays, while positively sensing vaping.

Policy enforcement is easier thanks to integration to existing alerting systems. For example, HALO Smart Sensor can send a signal to the video management software system in the same manner that current sensors do, allowing security personnel and administrators to receive vaping alarms the same way they currently receive other important alerts. There’s no need to implement new software or applications that add additional layers of complexity.

A Vape-free Vision

Vision Security Technologies has the expertise required to survey, design, demonstrate, install, and maintain a customized vape detection solution. We’ve partnered with HALO Smart Sensor keep kids safer and healthier.

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