Just imagine if students and teachers could go to school without worrying as much about their safety. Kids could focus more on learning and teachers could better focus on helping kids expand their horizons. The truth is that there are ways to provide a more secure learning environment.

Customized Approach

Securing a K-12 school building or campus requires customized hardware and software solutions designed by an experienced solution engineering team. The customization tailors the solution to fit the size and number of buildings, age of the students, pre and post school events, outdoor athletic fields, bus depots, and other unique factors that make one-size-fits-all solutions an inappropriate approach.

Deploying access control for doors, security cameras, intrusion detection, emergency call boxes, emergency evacuation systems, intercom systems, and smart video analytics in the proper manner that meets the expectations of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and local authorities requires years of experience and a holistic approach to security implementation at a school facility.

For example, an elementary school may have a different need for video surveillance and voice communication at the front door than that of a high school. Parents’ identities need to be verified before allowing entry at the elementary school through a locked front entrance, whereas students at the high school may need to be able to come and go more freely throughout the day.

Another example is securing a single building versus multiple buildings on a campus. One building may have one primary entrance and one secondary entrance, whereas a campus with multiple buildings may require additional entrances and exits to be used throughout the school day. This creates a greater need for door control in one instance and less in another.

Customized Maintenance and Service

Unique maintenance and service programs are required for schools as compared to business. For example, a school system may require maintenance to be performed while the school is closed for holidays, whereas a business may allow vendors to perform work throughout the year.

Vision Investment Protection, a customized maintenance and service plan that enables the diagnosis of system issues before they become problems, can be designed to meet the demanding schedule of an education system. Further, offsite, remote system maintenance and service can allow for software updates to be performed without having to access the building. The Vision Security Technologies team is passionate about consistency and continuity when it comes to your campus security, and Vision Investment Protection is a major factor in providing stellar service.

A Safe Vision

To help keep your school as safe as possible, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain a security solution that meets the needs of your academic community without compromising your campus environment.

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