Engineering—often overlooked—is the integral component of a security solution. Oversights result in underfunded projects, unmitigated risks, and inadequate security solutions. It’s crucial to select a qualified and thorough security provider that incorporates system engineering into every component of the solution design and implementation.

Physical Considerations

Engineers connect the physical characteristics, construction, and existing infrastructure to the sales and design team’s proposed solution. They evaluate each device for its fit and functionality within the overall design. This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, security cameras, access control devices, video analytics, network cabling, and software. Engineers produce wiring diagrams and consider practical installation locations for security cameras, card readers, and other system devices.

Construction Coordination

Engineers are also the vital link between building construction and low voltage security system implementation for new construction and building renovations.

Manufacturers have building information modeling (BIM), AutoCAD, and other software resources available for engineers to use. BIM utilizes 3-D modeling to coordinate design and construction processes. AutoCAD enables computer-aided-design for drafting. All of these resources and tools require specialized training and expertise.

System Integration

Modern security systems have evolved from analog point-to-point dedicated wiring systems to sophisticated IT network connected systems. Formerly disparate systems may now be integrated, enabling highly customizable, unified solutions.

Integration does come at a cost. Every manufacturer is unique in its connectivity to 3rd party systems. These systems are complex. A particularly nuanced working knowledge of each system is required to complete a proper integration that meets end-user expectations. This is often referred to as a software development kit, or SDK. Specialized training and manufacturer certifications may be required to program these software connections. A relatively new common platform, ONVIF, allows systems to be connected using industry-standard protocols that require a specific skill set. These connections transform a system into a solution.

The best engineers are always versed in system functionality as it relates to wiring, installation, and software integration.
The Right Partner

Vision has full-time, highly skilled electrical engineers and AutoCAD professionals on staff. Our team can provide planned drawings, riser diagrams, and as-built diagrams in both electronic and hard copy for every project. We provide complete network installations and maintenance, database conversions, software installations, and upgrades. Our engineers also have both Cisco and Microsoft certifications.

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