Access control systems are the core and fundamental level of security for most businesses. Employee and visitor access to specific areas within a facility is controlled by the system. And for the most part, the system runs smoothly, allowing authorized personnel to come and go with ease. Until they can’t.

If you’re a security professional managing an FCWnx system, this message is extremely important. You will soon have to migrate away from the FCWnx access control platform. The end of life of the system has been announced. It’s time to make a significant change.

It can be a challenge justifying a new platform when your current system is performing as expected. However, when a system has reached its end of life, service, spare parts, software upgrades and patches, and technical support will end as well.

If you wait too long to migrate, your business could suffer downtime, expensive repairs, and the eventual replacement of your entire system at, quite literally, the very last minute. That’s 2020, by the way.

Those who wait until 2019 to devise a migration plan will find themselves short on time as well. Budget allocations, corporate-wide hardware and software assessments, and the complete design of a new solution is likely to take longer than a year.

2018 is the year to get started. Inform upper-level administrators of an imminent platform change. Site surveys can be accomplished in a normal course of business to avoid scheduling challenges. Plan for a strategic rollout and consider dual purpose objectives. For example, you may choose to train system operators while inputting workforce data into the new system.

Since your hardware is dangerously close to end of life, it’s critical to initiate the migration process immediately.

Solution: Migration to Lenel OnGuard®

Vision Security Technologies can facilitate a simple migration to Lenel OnGuard for current Facility Commander Wnx users. With a strategic migration plan, the Vision team will handle necessary hardware updates, migration of the existing database, and upgraded software requirements.

The FCWnx migration path also utilizes customized implementation tools from Lenel that will make the move to OnGuard a seamless transition.

  • Cardholder Database Tool – facilitates the migration of cardholder information, photographs, badges, access levels, and access level assignments.
  • Device Migration Tool – migrates basic micro and reader definitions into the OnGuard system as Lenel M or ACU Series panels.
  • Cardholder Sync Tool – conducts a proper synchronization of cardholder data between the Facility Commander Wnx system and the OnGuard platform, allowing for side-by-side operations during the migration process.

These tools, when combined with a strategic plan from the Vision team, will eliminate the stress of an overnight switch-over.

Access Control Migration Partner

Vision Security Technologies will always provide unparalleled design, installation, and maintenance expertise. Our strategic planning process and customized tools are ready and waiting to transition your team onto OnGuard platform. Contact us today so we can get started on that migration together.