Managing the re-entry of employees to the workplace is a significant challenge. And adding visitors and customers to that challenge could tip an organization toward a slower opening. However, taking a fresh look at visitor management software could provide opportunities to streamline operations in a safe and healthy manner.


By having visitors and contractors pre-register, much of the in-person interaction previously required in the lobby can be avoided. The visitor can simply login to a simple online interface or use a mobile app to provide information in advance. This allows for vetting prior to arrival. Additionally, scheduling of the visit can be managed much easier without having to engage lobby staff.


When a visitor who has pre-registered in the visitor management system arrives for the appointment, the host employee is automatically notified, eliminating the need to check-in with the front desk. And when it comes to managing people during the pandemic, mass notifications can be sent through the same system when important information needs to be disseminated to visitors.

Facial Recognition

After the first visit, the goal is to streamline processes for returning visitors. This can be accomplished by using facial coordinates to compare the visitor to a prior image on file. Repeat visitors can be processed more efficiently with less personal interaction.

Visit Approvals

With new policies, processes, and procedures in place that are designed to reopen workplaces, approving visitors is essential to keeping your team healthy. Supervisor approval or denial of on-premises appointment requests can be communicated efficiently through the app or online portal.


While tracking a visitor is the critical mission fo a visitor management solution, integration to access control enables even more automation to the process. The visitor management system can be integrated to access control to provision identification badges that can allow access to specific doors or areas of the facility upon prior approval.

Contractors, Vendors, and Tenants

While a visitor may come and go infrequently, other people may be requesting access to the facility or part of the facility on a scheduled or more regular basis. These types of visitor requests can be managed using dedicated portals for housekeeping, maintenance companies, and even other tenants within the same building.

Let’s Visit Safely and Efficiently in 2021

Health, safety, and security have become intertwined thanks to advancements in technology. Now, visitor management systems are more like high-performance front desk staff that can efficiently collect and manage the information required to keep people moving in and out of the building safely and efficiently.  Using forward-thinking solutions to solve new challenges is the job of an experienced and expert security and safety solutions provider like Vision.

Selecting a security integration partner that has experience and expertise in solutions that solve new and emerging challenges is the key to success.

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