Part 1: Hands Free Access Control Solutions

Without a pandemic on our minds, the idea of hands-free access control is important, but perhaps not as critical as it is today. While the reasons to seek a hands-free access control architecture during a pandemic are clear, the benefits of these technologies to an organization during normal operations will result in improved operations and reduction of employee friction.

To accomplish a hands-free access control environment, several technologies can be used to bring this vision to reality.

No-touch Exit Switches

When requiring a manual interaction to unlock a door to allow egress, the employee or visitor must physically activate a device to release the door. This requires that the person touch a button in most cases. With a no-touch exit switch, the person requesting to exit simply waves their hand in front of a plate on the wall anywhere from 4 to 24 inches away, causing the release of the door lock.

Exit Motion Sensor

In situations where the door lock is to be released when any motion occurs in front of the door, the ideal device is a near-ceiling mounted motion detector, also referred to as a request to exit (REX) device. A REX is not recommended when simple motion near a door could cause the door to unlock in a more secure environment.

Automatic Door Openers

An automatic door opener is an easy-access, simple-to-operate system for the doors of any type of business, industrial or commercial. Automatic doors respond to a variety of sensors and can offer businesses with a useful hands-free application particularly as exterior entrance doors. The adoption of automated door functionality can increase security measures for your business too. Depending on the door type, doors may become operable by security staff personnel from a single remote-controlled access. This option ensures more control over who enters and leaves the premises.

As We Re-open our Offices, let’s Move safely and efficiently into 2021

Securing entrances and exits with hands-free access control solutions will result in health risk reduction as well as reduction in employee and visitor friction as they travel through a facility. Using forward-thinking solutions to solve challenges is the job of an experienced and expert security and safety solutions provider like Vision.

Selecting a security integration partner that has experience and expertise in modern solutions is the key to success. Contact Vision today to get started on your integrated health, safety, and security solutions.