Let’s face it, security cameras are now more intelligent and today is when we may need their smarts the most.

It was not long ago that security camera users and systems integrators were overly excited and very disappointed when it came to actually using video analytics to improve their operations. False alerts and missed threats plagued the industry, causing a distrust between manufacturers and customers when it came to using cameras or software that provided, or claimed to provide, analytics.

That was then and this is now. Security cameras and specialized server-based software are now viable solutions when it comes to advanced behavior and object detection. And this could not be a more helpful time to have those new and improved resources available.

New Challenges

With fewer people at facilities during the pandemic, less eyes are keeping a watch on the property, assets, and fellow employees. And as we look to how organizations are going to return to the new normal, it seems less people going to work and more working remotely may be the norm. This means there is an increased potential for new vulnerabilities to be exposed.

Likewise, as the number of employees and contractors returning to facilities does increase, it becomes important to ensure their health and safety, limiting occupancy and providing screening prior to entry.

Video analytics can bridge the gap between detecting suspicious behavior and a breach as well as provide a layer of protection from a health and safety perspective.

For Security

Line crossing is one of the most basic video analytics rules that can be used to detect someone approaching an area or perimeter, alerting security or staff to a pending threat. However, once a line is crossed, it may be too late. Consider adding a loitering rule that could detect when someone is scoping out their best way across a fence or property line. By detecting someone before they make a move, you can program lights to turn on at night or even broadcast a recorded message warning a potential threat that they have been detected.

For Health and Safety: Mask Detection and More

And it is not just about security. Health and safety are now new considerations. And security cameras equipped with special capabilities are helping with reopening in 2021. Tasks like crowd detection, people counting, occupancy management, and even health screening are being enabled by intelligent security cameras with video analytics running.

For example, intelligent cameras are now being used to determine if staff, contractors, and visitors are in fact wearing an appropriate face mask to enter the building. Automatically detecting the presence or absence of a face mask can create an automated alert that reminds the person to apply their mask or can alert nearby staff to personally address the situation. This capability is made possible due to advances in the analytics capabilities of security cameras, making them useful beyond simple video surveillance.

Let’s Move Safely and Efficiently into 2021

Health, safety, and security have become intertwined thanks to advancements in technology. Now, security cameras are more like intelligent detectors that simple viewing devices.  Using forward-thinking solutions to solve new challenges is the job of an experienced and expert security and safety solutions provider like Vision.

Selecting a security integration partner that has experience and expertise in modern solutions is the key to success.

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