Organizations of every type imaginable are being impacted by COVID-19. And the frontline is square at the door and inside of healthcare facilities from hospitals to urgent care centers to primary care physician offices.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to leverage technology to create a gap between humans, even in healthcare settings.

Badge and Visitor Management

Be sure to review the capabilities of your badging and visitor management system. If you’re working with a handwritten ledger and stickers, it may be time to look for a quick replacement to that system. Visitor management systems can be preprogrammed with visitor information in advance to speed up registration, allowing temporary name tags to be created ahead of time. Consider color coding if you need to separate types of visitors or patients for quick and easy identification as to where people wearing that color are permitted to be. Consider using a scanning system to automatically enter information from driver’s licenses and other identification to limit use of touch screens and keyboards

Video Surveillance

Security cameras can provide a birds-eye view for situational awareness, visitor or contractor verification at an entrance, and of course evidence in the event of an incident. Consider placing monitors in easy-to-see areas so staff can increase awareness. For example, it may be helpful for the triage staff to be able to see the waiting room. This can often be implemented quite easily with minor hardware and licensing required.

Access Control and Intercom

Access control credentials are touched often, thus requiring constant cleaning; however, each card is unique to the individual and doesn’t need to be shared. Consider adding a proximity card reader at any door that currently requires a PIN to be entered into a keypad. Again, the goal is to reduce the need for multiple people to touch the same surface. Also, consider adding intercom capability at all access-controlled doors. This will allow patients, visitors, and contractors to communicate with security and other hospital staff from a safe distance. Be sure to specific intercom stations that meet wipe down certification requirements.

A Healthy Vision

To help keep your organization and facility as safe as possible, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain systems that meets the needs of your organization as it works through the COVID-19 crisis without compromising your mission. Your employees, visitors, and administrators demand a security solution that meets specific expectations and performance criteria with COVID-19 spread reduction in mind. Our team has the experience and expertise to meet your high expectations.

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