IT teams have been selecting, installing, administering, and maintaining a variety of enterprise business solution platforms as part of the growing umbrella of responsibilities. Security is slowly getting added to that menu of services, but sometimes at a cost, and it’s not always a smooth process.

Ideally, the IT team will be involved in the selection and deployment of a security solution. When IT is involved from the onset, your organization can avoid many technical and significant challenges. Software applications, servers, cloud hosting, network infrastructure, software maintenance agreements, and service contracts all impact the IT team.

The Hidden Costs

Failure to clearly understand and budget for all aspects of the security solution, from the IT perspective, can be expensive and tedious. IT will take the brunt of the impact and morale will be affected.

Cybersecurity hinges greatly on the security software and devices attached to the network. Unauthorized software and data access is a top priority for IT teams and corporate leaders. Poorly designed or protected devices can serve as a weak link in an otherwise strong IT cybersecurity strategy.

Server and computer hardware required to run security systems, especially video surveillance, can be very specialized and expensive. IT will need to understand the impact of that equipment on the network and within the data rooms where it will be housed. If a cloud solution is considered, internet bandwidth and data security will need to be calculated and considered.

After the system is designed, purchased, and installed, the project is far from complete. Modern systems require ongoing software and hardware maintenance. Software maintenance agreements and installer maintenance contracts are an integral part of virtually every successful deployment. Be proactive with software licensing, version updates, and general system maintenance to save money, maintain efficiency, and limit unexpected issues.

You’ll Need a Long-Term Solution

Whether your electronic security system is an IP-based video or access control system, or a fully integrated security management system, it’s a serious investment that deserves maintenance and updates as part of the ongoing solution. Systems supported by regular maintenance programs and SMAs, like the Vision Investment Protection (VIP) program, can eliminate every one of these problems. Your solution is completely up-to-date, backed-up to your performance expectations, and consistently cyber secure. Maintenance is performed regularly, and the system’s server hardware and software aren’t an IT concern.

Vision Investment Protection consists of maintenance and service plan levels that, like your system, can grow and change. The complexity of your facility’s system will determine the appropriate VIP service plan level. Your VIP plan can then be customized as your electronic security system expands.

VIP plans include many of these benefits:

  • 24/7 priority contact representatives
  • Expedited response times
  • Emergency weekend response
  • Version upgrades
  • Cybersecurity updates
  • VIP rates and discounts
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance
  • Recurring system optimization audits by engineering staff

Your Opportunity to Act Today

The goal of a security assessment and site survey is to uncover potential threats at schools, buildings, and campuses of all sizes. Ultimately, these solutions can help integrate a variety of technologies as part of a plan that works in unison to help secure occupants, protect valuable assets, and assist in preventing physical access to sensitive areas.

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