Asset tracking ensures business continuity. Lost keys, for example, can cause operational slowdowns and potential security implications. Fleet vehicles and heavy equipment keys must be secured for use by authorized operators. Devices and tools must be readily available for the next user.  So, tracking assets at your industrial facility helps you create a secure, efficient, and safe environment.

Managing these challenges… 

Are you using a lock box for vehicle and heavy machinery keys?

Once the keys are retrieved from the lock box, it’s critical to know who has possession of each key. The ideal key management system keeps vehicles moving with only authorized drivers behind the wheel. With Traka software integration, human resources and management can closely control access to these keys by connecting employee operational status to key access.

How are you restricting industrial machinery use?

Industrial machinery is dangerous to operate. Safety programs are typically required for employees prior to the operation of compactors, conveyers, packaging machines, and other heavy machinery. By using Traka key management, keys can be made available only to employees who have complied with the requisite safety training.

What if a key isn’t returned?

When keys are lost or stolen, operations can come to a screeching halt. Traka can send automated notifications to management when keys aren’t returned to the key locker in a timely fashion. This improves key retrieval and keeps operations moving.

How do you manage temporary contractor access?

When contractors are brought in to operate at your facility, human resources can provide temporary access credentials. The Traka system allows contractors to have limited access to keys and machinery. This can be managed manually in the Traka system or can be automated by integration of various software systems.

How do you keep track of valuable tools and devices?

When the next shift starts, it’s critical for workers to be able to locate their tools quickly. Finger pointing and searching the facility comes to an abrupt halt when you know exactly who had a tool last, and even better, where that tool was left behind. By using Traka, critical tools can be tagged for location tracking. This can even decrease the time it takes for teams to debrief and transfer information at shift change.

How do you know when tools are not being used as often as they once were?

By accessing the Traka access logs, your team can determine if the tools you have available today are being used. Free up money for new tools and resources by selling outdated legacy tools and devices.

Asset Management Solution

Traka’s asset management system provides a smart way to secure, manage, and audit door & vehicle keys, company assets, and operational processes. Vision Security Technologies is the sole Traka Certified Reseller in Alabama and Tennessee, giving our clients unparalleled design, installation, and maintenance expertise. The Traka asset accountability system footprint extends to over 70 countries with 44,000 employees supporting the technology solution globally.

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