The concept of having a video surveillance system that operates detached from other security and voice communication systems is a design practice from the past. Today, video systems are being deployed as a critical piece of a unified solution that enables operators to view live video, review recorded video, control doors, react to alarms, and even communicate by voice throughout a building, across a campus, or even around the world.

Accomplishing this level of integration can be a challenge, especially when trying to combine the products that are produced by three, four, or more manufacturers. Instead, system designers and end users are demanding a system that can be scaled in size and function as the application demands.

One way to do this integration is to use custom engineering or industry standards like ONVIF. However, even with ONVIF or custom engineering using software development kits or APIs, full functionality and streamlined operation may remain elusive. The most elegant means is by deciding on a single manufacturer that can offer all the critical systems required in an integrated user interface.

By selecting a single manufacturer, a system designer and end user can be assured of the deepest level of integration and functionality as well as one resource for technical support from the integrator and manufacturer.

Design and installation are streamlined with the assurance of complete integration and simplified user operation. The complexity of designing an integrated solution using various manufacturers can add significant time and cost to the design process. Capabilities must be verified and system drawing produced that ensure expected functionality once installed.

Once installed, the unified solution must be maintained and serviced. This involves confirming compatibility across firmware for devices, operating systems for workstations and servers, and video management system and other software applications that support the solution. Verifying this across various manufacturers can be one of the biggest challenges aside from initial design. When selecting a solution from a single manufacturer and installation integrator, the coordination of version updates and upgrades is more reliable.

Another key consideration is data security. A security solution is only as secure as the weakest link. Selecting a manufacturer with a strong stance and implementation of data security practices across all aspects of the solution will minimize risk of data breach or of using a component of the solution to access other parts of the network.

A Unified, Streamlined Vision

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