If you’re anything like us, you’re continually searching for ways to streamline operations and improve the bottom line. Today, you can find just about every software provided as a service – “aaS.’ That’s right, you can even put security solutions on that list.

Access Control Managed Services is a reality today and it comes with excellent benefits for many companies and organizations. With managed services and hosted software as an option, security managers and organizational administrators are taking a closer look at this solution.

Managed Services

By outsourcing management of your access control system, your organization can remove most of the processes of managing the access control database from your staff. This can allow your team to get to work on more pressing matters while the processing of new employees and visitors or departing employees is handled by a third party.

Hosted Services

By utilizing an Access Control as a Service platform, end users are able to eliminate a significant amount of hardware purchasing capital requirements. Devices like servers and printers as well as software are eliminated from the list of parts and services that need to be purchased. Rather, those items are bundled into a low-fee monthly payment. This eliminated up-front costs and ensures a higher level of system reliability.


While some organizations are well suited to maintain their own servers and software, many are not. Hosted services are provided in secure, backed-up data centers. Remote hosting also allows for simple system updates and firmware pushes that won’t interrupt your operations or require a technician to visit the facility.

With a Managed Access Control solution, the integrator can provide:

  • Cardholder database management
  • Delivery of detailed and customized reports
  • Door schedule changes and implementation
  • Holiday scheduling
  • New employee credential processing
  • Alarm activity logging and reporting
  • Ongoing card and credential management and processing
  • Remotely managed software updates
  • Offsite data storage

These services eliminate badge printers, badge and printer supply stocking. Servers no longer need to be housed on-site in less than ideal conditions. And service calls for software and server related issues are eliminated. Plus, your team can get to work on more pressing projects.

A Controlled Vision

To help keep your organization and facility as safe as possible, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain an access control system that meets the needs of your organization as it scales without compromising your mission. Your employees, visitors, and administrators demand a security solution that meets specific expectations and performance criteria. Our team has the experience and expertise to meet your high expectations.

Contact us today to get started with a customized, scalable managed and hosted access control solution.