Cookie-cutter security solutions are an easy way to cut costs. However, applying a standard approach with standard technology stands a good chance of leaving vulnerabilities and unnecessary risk.

Design-build solutions require an intimate knowledge of the project, facility, environment, and owner expectations. The benefits of a design-build relationship with an experienced security systems integrator extend beyond the system owner. Architects, engineers, builders, and general contractors benefit as well. This type of relationship brings the security integrator into a partnership relationship rather than acting as simply a systems provider.

Architects, engineers, and builders will benefit from such a relationship by leveraging the expertise and experience of the systems integrator and their relationship with the manufacturers of the systems. Assistance with demonstrations, specification writing, and owner presentations are often free services that A&E professionals desire.

Owners and users of the system benefit from a design-build relationship by having a direct path of communication with the system designer, installer, and service team throughout the entire process. Aside from hardware and software installation, this can also include customized training.

To provide a design-build solution, it is imperative that an experienced security systems integrator is selected. The provider’s team should have expert level manufacturer certification on the systems being proposed as well as a deep awareness of the systems, like the IT network, that are impacted by the systems. These certifications are critical for the integrator’s system engineers, installers, and service teams to possess. Intimate knowledge of implementing SDKs and APIs provided by manufacturers allows for deeper integration, going well beyond basic integrations using ONVIF and other common protocols.

The Vision team can design-build solutions for one location as well as multi-location organizations. Evaluating the systems already in place and how they may be able to migrate into the new solution is important for budget reduction as well as a smooth transition to new technology. And when it comes to migrating systems, a custom design-build is almost always required. Without that, rip and replace might be the only option.

When it comes to multi-location and campus environments, the design-build process is required in order to coordinate network connectivity, remote access, and command center control.

Design-Build for Success

The Vision team is ready to help you protect your students, employees, and visitors by delivering a custom design-build security solution for your organization. Our team is positioned to consider ideal technology, budget-friendly design, and deliver professional installation and service. Once a design-build strategy is approved, our experienced and professional installation team will ensure your facility and surrounding grounds are protected.

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