While focus has been on stay-at-home efforts to reduce the impact of COVID-19, it is important to start planning for what operations will look like in the coming months. In this article, we will take a closer look at a few physical and electronic options to help keep your staff safe.

Allow or Not Allow

The first step for most organizations is going to be whether to allow visitors into their building. If they are deemed necessary, there will be considerations as to how many visitors will be allowed and under what specific circumstances.

Likewise, it will be important to re-think how your staff is operating when they are not at the office. Will they need to travel to meetings by car or travel on airplanes to meet with colleagues or customers?

Presentations, Gatherings, Meetings, and Events

Physical separation is and will remain critical. Desks, chairs, and other furniture can be realigned to provide for appropriate distancing for staff. Additional information is available from the federal government regarding face masks, gloves, hand washing, and more. OSHA issued their 3990-03 guidelines on preparing workplaces for COVID-19.

Visitor and Contractor Management

Consideration should be given to how visitors, vendors, and contractors will be managed as they enter your facility. Entry verification solutions validates both employees and visitors.

Elevated body temperature detection is an emerging technology that can prove critical as your facility reopens. Intercom can help provide distancing from unexpected visitors before they enter your facility. Your staff can receive the intercom call at a computer workstation or on a mobile device that will allow them to see and communicate with the visitor in order to verify identity and the purpose of their visit.

Information about each expected visitor can be entered into a visitor management system in advance, reducing the time and interaction required for the welcoming process. Initial information can be entered by your staff, then the visitor can complete the data input once they arrive.

Additional questions about their current health condition can also be asked, prompting automated replies based on the answers to questions about fever, recent illness, cough, and other conditions that may keep them from safely entering the facility.

Vision Security Technologies – Working to provide a safe and secure work environment

As we are heading back to work to reopen the workplace we have been talking to many of our enterprise partners regarding a myriad of solutions to help keep your employees safe and mitigate liability. An essential key to your Duty of Care obligations for employees and visitors requires you to provide a safe and secure environment. Solutions from VISION Security Technologies enhance your security and your workplace.

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