It’s difficult to foster learning in an environment that lacks a feeling of safety. The need for campus security has hit an all-time high for K-12 institutions, so when it comes to protecting your students, faculty, vendors, and visitors, you want the best security system available.

There’s nothing one size fits all; your protective measures should be tailored to your school. That’s exactly what Vision Security Technologies does by utilizing security solutions such as access control, smart cards, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and emergency call boxes.

To help keep your school as safe as possible, we will design, engineer, and install a security system that meets the needs of your academic community without compromising your campus environment.

We also offer Vision Investment Protection, a customized maintenance and service plan that can diagnose system issues before they become problems, as well as provide on-site and remote response. We’re passionate about consistency and continuity when it comes to your campus security, and Vision Investment Protection is a major factor in providing stellar service. You won’t leave your school’s safety and security to chance, and neither will we – that’s why we’re dedicated to keeping your system updated and running optimally.

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