As businesses of all types start to reevaluate their current and future operations, the focus on remote access capabilities is growing. Let’s look at how deploying cloud-based video surveillance can help your team minimize on-site and in-person interactions while optimizing operations and reducing capital expense.

Initial Installations – Think Virtually

Last week we discussed businesses that have historically staffed their lobby entrance with a reception desk. Enabling them with cloud-based video surveillance allows them to observe the entrance area to vet visitors and contractors, reducing close person-to-person contact.

Hardware Reduction

When implementing a traditional video surveillance topology, computer hardware servers and storage appliances are required to be on-site at your facility to record the video streams from the cameras and provide the access for workstations to view live and playback video. With a cloud-based solution, the video surveillance servers and recording appliances need not be located at your facility. The video software management software can be located remotely, in the cloud, eliminating the initial cost of the server and appliances as well as reducing overall power consumption and room cooling to service the computer hardware.

In-person Maintenance Reduction

This is perhaps the most significant benefit in a post-pandemic environment. With the servers and appliances located off-site, in the cloud, the need for a security technician to visit your site to service the hardware is eliminated. Additionally, all operating system and other software updates no longer require a visit to your facility as they are handled within our cloud environment. This eliminates person-to-person proximity and frees up your team to work on other tasks.

Software and Operational Changes

When it’s time to change recording settings, add or remove operators, export event footage, or scale to meet the demands of your business, all changes to the system are done remotely. Video footage can be provided to you electronically, eliminating person-to-person interactions with our team.

Cloud Migration

Now that everyone from the security team to the CEO is realizing that working in a virtual environment isn’t just for the IT department, it’s time to formulate a migration strategy for your video surveillance solution. Security cameras can, in many cases, remain the same If not, one-for-one replacements can be made quickly, minimizing the impact on your operations. Changes to any additional hardware or operator workstation software can be minimized and, if necessary, be performed off-hours when distancing is easier to implement.

A Clearer, Cloud-based Vision

To help keep your security team and facility as safe as possible, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain systems that meets the needs of your organization from a safe distance.

We will work with your IT team to ensure network capabilities are in place to meet the demand of video surveillance. Our team can perform any on-site installation or maintenance during non-peak hours with proper PPE in place. Your employees, visitors, contractors, and administrators demand a security and safety solution that meets specific expectations and performance criteria that help them work safer and smarter. 

Our team has the experience and expertise to meet your high expectations. We’ll visit your site in-person during off-peak hours, virtually using streaming video, or review your location drawings and as-built diagrams to determine the best migration path for your video surveillance solution.

Contact Vision today to get started with a customized, scalable access control solution, safely hosted in the cloud.