There has been an increase in the frequency of violent threats at schools, concert venues, business campuses, and other “soft target” facilities. Fortunately, an electronic access control system can assist with gaps in security when budget and manpower are limited.

Access Control

Access control was historically managed with lock and key systems that were maintained by authorized personnel. For outdoor venues, access control was merely a function of the terrain and environment of the venue. Today, true access control can provide safety for buildings, perimeters, and large outdoor spaces.


It’s nearly impossible for security staff to monitor the entire perimeter of a building or outdoor space. Ingress and egress through perimeter doors may be managed as part of the overall access control solution. Door locks, integrated into the access control solution, will keep doors secured unless an authorized credential is presented. The front lobby may also be controlled limiting access beyond turnstiles and elevators that are controlled by credential readers.

Interior Doors

Door locks may also be applied to interior areas. This is ideal for administrative offices, IT departments, and even individual classrooms. If a door is forced open or held open, an automated alert initiates a series of audible and message style notifications to on-site and responding authorities.


Exterior spaces are inherently vulnerable for their ease of access. Stadiums, fields, and arenas may be controlled by fences and gates with integrated access control systems. They allow leadership and maintenance teams to enter freely, while carefully limiting public and large event access.


The goal of a security assessment and site survey is to uncover potential threats at schools, buildings, and campuses of all sizes. Ultimately, these solutions can help integrate a variety of technologies as part of a plan that works in unison to help secure occupants, protect valuable assets, and assist in preventing physical access to sensitive areas.

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