The investment required to self-manage your organization’s access control system can be staggering. Time, capital, and tax implications all need to be considered when weighing the benefits of self-managed versus third-party managed access control solutions.

Administrative Time

Outsourcing has become a critical component for nearly every organization. By outsourcing administrative tasks, your staff is free to focus on the core business operations. This can be seen across the country, in every marketplace, in nearly every department from IT to janitorial services.

IT Department Support

When software is managed remotely or hosted in the cloud, IT is freed up to support the systems that support operations and produce income for your organization. When updates need to be performed, they’re done without having to visit your facility, keeping your team working on critical systems that impact your bottom line.

Capital Investment

Aside from saving time and human resources, one of the greatest advantages of implementing a managed access control system is the reduction of up-front costs. Hardware such as servers and identification card printers are provided as part of the solution, eliminating initial purchase costs almost entirely. Software is also part fo the solution, eliminating costly service agreements and upgrade headaches.

With Managed Access Control, a qualified third-party provider can:

  • Administrate your cardholder database
  • Create and deliver detailed customized reports
  • Maintain and adjust door schedules
  • Add and edit holiday schedules
  • Administrate new employee enrollment
  • Provide alarm activity reporting
  • Issue cards/Key Fobs/Mobile Credentials

Remote Managed Access Control benefits also include:

  • Remotely automate software upgrades and offsite data backups
  • Elimination of badge printers and supplies as well as computer hardware servers
  • Reduce personnel and labor cost for operation and management of the system
  • Eliminate onsite service calls for computer maintenance and software upgrades

Cloud-Based and Remotely Managed

Although largely hidden in plain view, your access control solution enables secure movement into and around your facility, keeping sensitive areas secure and accessible by only authorized personnel. However, when the system isn’t working properly, processes and operations can come to a screeching halt. Outsourcing management and remotely hosting the system’s core components reduces business interruption and ensures your system is running optimally.

Professional Security Partner

The Vision team can survey your building, coordinate a design, and professionally install and integrate hardware and software. Vision can also create a custom Managed and Hosted Services plan, freeing up your staff to perform their core responsibilities of providing a safe working environment, and making system updates a breeze.

The Vision Investment Protection plan, like your system, can grow and change with your organization. Together, you’ll uncover potential problems before they arise. Additionally, Vision Investment Protection provides onsite and remote response, safeguarding your staff and securing your facility.

Vision has a full-time AutoCAD engineer on staff. Our engineering team can provide planned drawings, riser diagrams, and as-built diagrams in both electronic and hard copy formats for every project. We provide complete network installations, maintenance, database conversions, software installations, and upgrades. Our engineering team has both Cisco and Microsoft certifications.