Companies are regularly asked to do more with less. It’s often time-consuming and frustrating to do this, but it’s critical to accommodate corporate initiatives.
A huge step to doing more with less is to outsource access control programming and management of daily operations. It’s a huge boost for internal time and resources. Plus, the programming and maintenance will be performed by a service provider that’s specially trained to handle access control programming and daily maintenance.

Some of the major benefits of managed access control include:

• Detailed customized reports
• Door schedule maintenance
• Holiday scheduling
• Employee admissions administration
• Alarm activity reporting
• Issuing of ID cards / Key Fobs / Mobile Credentials
• Automated software upgrades and offsite data backups
• Eliminating badge printer and supplies
• Eliminating onsite service calls for computer maintenance and software upgrades

Offsite report generation saves time and is a convenient way to receive a scheduled email report. Email reports can be filed or reviewed at your convenience, improving schedule flexibility. Since door schedules aren’t changed frequently, making edits can take a bit longer. A managed access control provider can save time and eliminate frustration by quickly editing the schedule for you. Likewise, holiday and special event schedules can be made by the offsite managed service provider. Special notifications may also be customized for your preferred electronic communication methods.

Credentialing is time-consuming, requires a ready stock of supplies, extra computer equipment, and specialty credential printers. A managed access control provider assumes the stocking and equipment related expenses by printing identification badges that act as access control credentials. They have a quick turnaround and won’t delay your onboarding processes.
Access control software updates and server maintenance are added responsibilities that your IT department could do without. This is a particularly painful problem if your IT team is already over-tasked or if your company has limited onsite IT resources. Plus, it requires space in a data center, consumes electricity, produces heat, and increases air conditioning requirements. With managed access control systems, onsite computer and software related maintenance and service calls are eliminated.

Making the Move

If you’re considering the benefits of outsourcing, a managed access control system is a great place to start. First, a complete assessment of your current software and hardware configurations should be performed. Organizational goals and operational requirements should then be updated and clearly defined by all stakeholders. A comprehensive managed access control system plan and hardware/software management strategy may then be developed. This process should be carefully coordinated by the access control integration vendor in support of the organization.

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