Depending on the application, a Managed access control platform can minimize risk and eliminate hardware and software maintenance costs.

Managed Access Control

Traditionally, access control software platforms are loaded onto a local, onsite computer hardware server that is managed by the IT department and within the organization’s onsite data center. This requires IT to adopt the platform as part of their responsibility for regular maintenance. Onsite devices require that power and cooling are provided by the data center. The organization’s security integration vendor must also come onsite or remote into the server to perform scheduled maintenance and planned updates.

Cloud-based or managed service platforms have become an IT favorite for various business software, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and office suites, like Office 365. Most IT departments are ready and eager to migrate to cloud-based access control platforms.

Once the decision is made to keep the software in the cloud, it’s time to consider the next savings option: Managed Access Control Services. This means most of the work is done for you remotely by your managed services provider, your time investment is minimized, processes are streamlined, and your organization saves money.

Benefits of Managed Services for Access Control

1. Cardholder database management. Save time by having your database managed on your behalf.

2. Detailed customized reports can be configured and automatically delivered to your inbox. Alarm activity reporting is just one example of a critical report that needs to be reviewed on a regular basis.

3. Door schedule maintenance is simplified. Just make a simple notification to have changes made when entry needs to be permitted to a single user or an entire user group at a different time. Holiday scheduling is managed automatically and will never be overlooked.

4. Employee admissions administration is handled quickly and efficiently as new employees are hired and prior employees need to be removed from the system. Cards, key fobs, and credentials are handled for you by offsite printing. This eliminates costly credential inventory levels.

5. Automated software upgrades, offsite data backups, and critical cyber security measures are in place at a secure, offsite data center. This eliminates costly servers and minimizes the risk to your employee data from cyber-criminal activity.

Making the Move

If you’re considering a platform change, a complete assessment of the current software and hardware configuration must be performed. Organizational goals and operational requirements should then be updated and clearly defined by all stakeholders. A system design and hardware/software migration strategy may then be developed. This process should be carefully coordinated by the security integration vendor in support of the organization.

Vision Security Technologies’ expert team can provide managed, real-time access control management. This new and innovative service eliminates a large portion of your initial investment in software and servers and continues to save time and money into the future.

Vision manages everything. You focus on your business.

Contact the Vision team to discuss the benefits of Managed Services for Access Control.