Technological and human solutions may be used separately or together to secure physical entrances to a building.

Physical options include turnstiles, revolving doors, and vestibules. Electronic options include intrusion detection and access control. In many cases, a security force is present to observe and work within the area to ensure safety for all staff and visitors.

Physical Security

Optical turnstiles are a favored solution for verified access control in office building lobbies. Staff and visitors may enter the building lobby but can’t proceed past the turnstile without presenting authorized access credentials. Modern turnstiles are sleek and architecturally refined. Usually made of glass, metal, and architectural materials, new turnstiles integrate with access control systems to ensure entry by authorized personnel only.

Vestibules add an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorized lobby access. They’ll also keep visitors out of the weather while credentials and identification are verified. Within the vestibule, a variety of access control and intercom options allow staff and visitors to present their identification safely.

Revolving doors with access control will prevent uncredentialled access entirely.

Physical barriers are continually refined for new applications and can meet finest architectural requirements.

A security force may be visible in the lobby area to ensure that staff and visitors use the physical systems properly. They may provide assistance with security systems and may be responsible for manually checking identification.

Electronic Security Integration

Most physical security devices have an electronic security component. Turnstiles and door hardware controls can be integrated with the access control system. Integration allows easy ingress for employees while limiting access for visitors until proper identification can be verified. Likewise, safe egress is facilitated when integrated with the fire alarm system. It also allows for security forces to remain hands-off unless needed, allowing them to keep their eyes open for other security threats.

Aside from access control integration, systems like visitor management and video surveillance can add layers of additional protection. Integration of these systems may also expedite post-incident investigations.

Vision Security Technologies Can Help

The goal of a security assessment and site survey is to uncover potential threats at schools, buildings, and campuses of all sizes. Ultimately, these solutions can help integrate a variety of technologies as part of a plan that works in unison to help secure occupants, protect valuable assets, and assist in preventing physical access to sensitive areas.

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