Soft targets, such as large public gatherings and outdoor venues, are always at risk for violence and theft. From the Boston Marathon bombing, to vehicles driving into pedestrian areas during rallies and protests, to large amounts of explosives stolen from a construction site in Pennsylvania, organizers and company leadership must consider video surveillance and physical security measures.

Outdoor and remote locations must be able to provide security for events and public gatherings. Venues can augment security with portable, temporary systems to accommodate large gatherings and infrequent events.

Portable, temporary security systems are great for a variety of applications:

  • Sporting venues
  • Event management
  • Law enforcement surveillance
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Traffic control
  • Theft and vandalism prevention
  • Disaster relief

Portable video surveillance is a deterrent, opportunity for widespread live observation, and evidence for forensic review.

Conspicuous camera deployments are deterrents at entrances and throughout the venue. Camera set-ups should be erected well in advance of the event to communicate that the site is safe and secure.

With cameras, security teams can observe participants and visitors more effectively than walking personnel. The command post can provide important intelligence, identifying and contacting suspicious activity in less time. The security cameras are connected wirelessly to the command post where all cameras are viewed on a unified video management software platform.

Video feeds are recorded and immediately available for review.

The Solution

MobileVision makes it possible to monitor activity at virtually any location and any time. The portable video surveillance unit provides a compact, self-contained, flexible, and convenient security solution that can be quickly deployed. MobileVision’s portable video surveillance unit offers an innovative merger of high-capacity video recording, wireless (remote) monitoring, multiple power options, and advanced optics to deliver high-quality video 24 hours a day in a variety of applications.

The Right Partner

The goal of a security assessment and site survey is to help understand where potential threats may exist at schools, buildings, and campuses of all sizes. Ultimately, these solutions can help integrate a variety of technologies as part of a plan that works in unison to help secure occupants, protect valuable assets, and assist in preventing physical access to sensitive areas.