How can property managers utilize and benefit from hosted access control security solutions?

Depending on the application, a Hosted Access Control platform can minimize risk and eliminate hardware and software maintenance costs.

First, let’s look at the platforms commonly used in the past: Local Server-based Access Control and Managed Local Access Control.

Local Server-based Access Control

Traditionally, access control software platforms were loaded onto a local computer hardware server that was managed by the IT department and located within the organization’s onsite data center. This requires IT to adopt the platform as part of their responsibilities for regular maintenance. Onsite devices require that power and cooling are provided by the data center. The organization’s security integration vendor must also come onsite or remote into the server to perform scheduled maintenance and planned updates.

However, if an organization doesn’t have the IT resources to support the on-site access control solution, the implementation of a server-based solution is an uphill battle.

Managed Local Access Control

Outsource access control programming and daily operations management to free-up valuable time and resources. Hardware remains on-site and requires IT to manage hardware and space maintenance.

Benefits of managed access control include:

  • Detailed customized reports
  • Door schedule maintenance
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Employee admissions administration
  • Alarm activity reporting
  • Issuing of ID cards / Key Fobs / Mobile Credentials
  • Automated software upgrades and offsite data backups
  • Eliminates badge printer and supplies
  • Reduced personnel and labor cost for operation and management of the system
  • Eliminates onsite service calls for computer maintenance and software upgrades


Hosted Access Control

Hosted Access Control includes all the benefits of Managed Local Access Control, if desired by the end user, and moves the system server hardware to an environmentally controlled, off-site, high-reliability data center.

Benefits of Hosted Access Control

  • Cost Efficiency – elimination of expensive up-front server hardware purchases
  • Scalability – the system will grow with your company without having to replace servers as your demands increase
  • Outsourced Maintenance – the team at the data center manages all hardware maintenance
  • Improved Reliability – with up-to-date hardware and ongoing scheduled maintenance, server reliability increases
  • Disaster Recovery – data centers provide automatic data backup, minimizing the risk of data loss

For these reasons, hosted platforms have become an IT favorite for various business software such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and office suites, like Office 365. IT departments are readily accepting Hosted Access Control platforms.

Data Security

Using a hosted provider can eliminate risk and keep IT focused on supporting organizational productivity, rather than the cyber defense of your server and personal data at the local level.

Not Everything is Hosted

Entrance control hardware devices, such as card readers, electric or magnetic locks, and other hardware devices that are attached to or near each controlled door must remain onsite. These devices communicate with the main door controller which then sends data across the network to the hosted access control platform located in the cloud.

Making the Move

Again, property managers benefit from Hosted Access Control beyond cost reduction to also include a known annual budget number without the concern of transitional employees, ongoing training, and costs savings related to software updates to name a few.

If you’re considering a platform change, a complete assessment of the current software and door hardware configurations must be performed. Organizational goals and operational requirements should then be updated and clearly defined by all stakeholders. A comprehensive hosted access control system design and hardware/software migration strategy may then be developed. This process should be carefully coordinated by the security integration vendor in support of the organization.

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