Consistency and continuity. These are two words that business leaders hold dear to their heart and security professional’s value for guaranteed safety and security system reliability.

Inconsistency is inefficient. Regardless of your business marketplace, policy and procedure standardization provides a foundation for success. Consistency in safety and security starts with selecting the perfect hardware, software, installation, and service vendors. After the initial vetting process, consistency should be demonstrated throughout the vendor-client relationship. Regular meetings with defined expectations keep projects on time and within budget. Surprises and disappointments are not acceptable. Vendors need to provide reliable, predictable service that is delivered by employees who value customer service. Consistent service and can-do attitudes are as important to a business as reliable products are important to a customer.

Continuity brings a reputation of safety and reliability to a business. Problems that interrupt continuity can cost money, tarnish reputations, jeopardize safety, and threaten security. It is critical to select safety and security vendors that can deliver industry-standard solutions and ensure regulatory requirements are met. Businesses that take years to build can be decimated in a few seconds without a planned and effective security assurance solution.

A perpetual system maintenance and evaluation plan is a requirement for reputable businesses whose customers expect them to deliver daily on quality products and services.

The Vision Investment Protection (VIP) Plan protects your security system investment.

Your security system was, and remains, a significant investment of time and money. An investment of this size and importance must be consistently maintained to ensure business continuity from a safety and security perspective.

A VIP Plan provides 24/7 access to our Customer Service Group.

Your system and application are unique. Our team provides a custom plan to meet your needs. Even if you are transitioning from a previous security vendor to Vision, we can help. Our team will perform a complete system evaluation and create a program designed to repair, upgrade, and maintain the system into the future.

Our VIP Plans are fully customizable. Benefits may include:

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated VST representative
  • Same-day priority response for service calls before noon CST Monday-Friday
  • Emergency weekend response at prevailing rates
  • Labor and parts required to maintain the covered equipment in good operating condition
  • Regularly scheduled software updates
  • Access to the highest-level technicians
  • Discounted rates for billable services that are not covered under the VIP Plan
  • An exclusive web portal designed specifically for customer support

The VIP Plan is a smart way to manage the maintenance costs of the security system. Rather than incurring expensive and irregular service calls, this plan allows for the quick repair of common problems. Everyone involved receives advanced notice of the required and anticipated hardware and software upgrades. Intermittent minor repairs can prevent extensive, and expensive, repairs caused by system neglect.

Don’t let a major service need impact your budget.  Know what your monthly operating expense will be for the year.  Don’t let a major service need create undue liability because the budget won’t allow timely repair.  Your VIP plan has you covered on both sides.

Contact Vision Security Technologies for more information and to get started with the consistency and continuity that a Vision Investment Protection Plan will provide to you and your team. We’re excited to work with you!

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