The foundation of business as we knew it may well be changed forever. New considerations for staffing and policies related to operations will likely be impacted forever. Over the past few weeks, we have presented several cloud-based solutions for security and safety that improve safety and eliminate bottom-line costs, ensuring that your team is safer and more efficient than ever.

Now, what if you need to open the doors with less staff than before stay-at-home orders had been implemented? You’ll likely need to eliminate positions or consolidate roles and responsibilities with fewer employees. It’s not a situation anyone welcomes, however it may be a new reality as we enter the next phases of the pandemic.

Removing hardware servers, software, and other devices from your facility is step one of the process when it comes to reorganizing the security and safety segment of your operation. The next phase is to consider outsourcing specific activities through a Remote Managed Services agreement with Vision Security Solutions.

By outsourcing, the Vision team can handle common tasks associated with your access control, video surveillance, and visitor management systems. For example, when evaluating just the access control system administration, consider that Vision can streamline operations with less staff by:

  • Managing the cardholder database by adding, editing, and removing employees and contractors
  • Creating, running, and sending detailed customized activity reports directly to your inbox
  • Modifying door schedules for new hours of operation, holidays, special events, or in cases of other changes to the normal operating schedule
  • Administrating new employee admissions
  • Providing immediate alarm activity reporting
  • Issuing card, fob, or mobile device credentials
  • Performing software upgrades and offsite data backups that ensure the highest level of cyber security and data security

All of these services remove the additional burden from the rest of your team, enabling them to focus on their core responsibilities.

A Remote, Secure Vision

We’ve discussed video surveillance, access control, and visitor management in the prior cloud-based solution series and now have layered the concept of Remote Managed Services to further enable your organization to operate in a new environment.

To help keep your security team and facility as safe as possible, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain systems that meets the needs of your organization from a safe distance. We will work with your IT team, security team, and customer service representatives to ensure that all stakeholder expectations are met.

Our team can perform any on-site installation, migration, or maintenance during non-peak hours with proper PPE in place. Your employees, visitors, contractors, and administrators demand a security, safety, and visitor management solution that meets specific expectations and performance criteria that help them work safer and more efficiently.  Our team has the experience and expertise to meet your expectations. We’ll visit your site in-person during off-peak hours, virtually using streaming video, or review your location drawings and as-built diagrams to determine the best migration path for your solutions.

Contact Vision today to get started with a customized, scalable security solution, safely hosted in the cloud and remotely managed to save you time and money.