Why Your Industrial Facility Needs a Resident Security Expert

As the person responsible for the safety and security of your facility, employees and visitors, you have many operational, administrative, and logistics projects going on at any given time. From personnel to operations, you must be a topic expert. The odds are, for most business professionals, that security isn’t one of those topics.

A partnership with a trusted security advisor mitigates risk and saves time and money, lowering the overall cost of ownership while ensuring only the best solutions are deployed in and around your facility.

Mitigate Risk

Risk is everywhere in an industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing environment. A trusted security advisor with prior knowledge of facilities and operations like yours will help reduce risk in places you may not have known it existed. By leveraging the information learned over years of partnership with industrial companies and manufacturers, we’ve found that the first glance at security is just the surface of the challenge.

The news and social media has taught us that when a theft occurs, security cameras are there to provide evidence for investigation. However, our years of experience tell us that our security systems can deter theft by implementing access control beyond just the front door, human resource investigations can be assisted with recorded video footage, and more. By developing our relationship over time, we’ll recognize even more opportunities to keep your assets, employees, and brand name protected.

Save Time

Evaluating multiple solutions to a security challenge is a bigger project than most imagine. In-depth site surveys with internal staff and again with security manufacturer representatives can take months to schedule and execute. These meetings and facility tours are critical for everything from intrusion detection of your perimeter to indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras to access control of doors to sensitive areas.

Next, considerations about integration, compatibility, and operational functionality can take a significant amount of your time to thoroughly understand and apply to your specific challenges. Without a local, contracted trusted security advisor, you will also need to vet the installer and pricing schedule for every project. With a long-term relationship contract in place, our team acts in your best interest, project after project with consistency and expert insight. We vet solutions from a variety of trusted, top-tier security manufacturer partners on your behalf and present the final recommended solution to you for final approval. By trusting our team with the leg work in advance, your schedule stays open for productive meetings, keeping you a step ahead of your operations and projects.

Once installed, having a security professional partner will save time on repairs and maintenance. As technology has advanced, maintenance time and expertise has increased. More devices and systems are computer-based, running on the IT network and require specialized skills to keep them running or find the problem when something unexpected stops working properly. Software and firmware updates are performed on nearly every device and appliance across all of your security systems. System downtime can mean delays to your operation. Ensuring that your security contractor has an ongoing, trusted working relationship with all your company’s departments is critical.

Save Money

Saving time saves money. Harnessing our relationships with the manufacturers of your systems provides an opportunity to leverage their expertise and often negotiate preferred terms based on quantity and scope of projects. By acting on your behalf as your trusted advisor, we drive the product cost as low as possible, while ensuring only top-tier security solutions are utilized.
Compliance with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction, or AHJ, is critical. Our professionals know exactly what these authorities require of your systems. Failure to meet their requirements can result in project delays. Even worse, an improperly designed system can result in replacement of components before the system is operational. If the system is installed improperly, the AHJ has the authority to stop all related work. These delays can slow down or halt your normal business operations in the same way that failing an electrical or plumbing inspection during building construction can interrupt your business plan.

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