While significant focus is placed on protecting the inside and immediate surroundings around your building, the perimeter is where security should start for many organizations, government agencies, and companies.

By delaying the amount of time it takes for a potential criminal to approach your building, the more time you have to detect and make contact with the intruder. It also allows more time for local authorities to respond to assist if necessary. Plus, you must take into account that your staff, contractors, and visitors may park well away from the building and must be safe during the walk from their vehicle to the building.


By simply installing a fence around the property and barrier gate at the vehicle entrance, you can send a clear message that your facility is off limits and is serious about security. Likewise, placing security cameras around the fence line with adequate lighting reinforces that stance.

Security cameras with the ability to detect a person loitering nearby can be programmed to cause additional lighting to activate, and even create an automated trigger to a public address system alerting the intruder that your staff is watching their activity before they decide to scale the fence.

This can be accomplished without significant delay to your staff. Employees and contractors can open the vehicle barrier by simply presenting their card credential.


When someone decides that the deterrents in place simply are not enough to keep them away, you can rely on fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and video analytics-enabled cameras to bring the pending intrusion immediately to your security team’s attention.

When a fence-mounted detection system is triggered, video feeds can be sent to your team showing the real-time alert to be verified as a credible threat. If video analytics are used to determine a fence breach as well, you not only improve your detection capability, but you can also significantly reduce false alarms by creating if/then rules between the PIDS and the camera system before an alert is created.


Ideally, a response can be avoided entirely. However, if necessary, it is important for your team to know which resources are required to best respond to the threat. This will help determine when and if local authorities need to be requested to support your on-premises force.

Environmental Considerations

When high-performance security equipment is installed outside, it means one thing is an absolute necessity: environmental hardening. All our systems have appropriate ingress ratings against water, wind, cold, vibration, and anything else that nature has to offer. Outdoor security installations must withstand the elements regardless of time of day.

An Intelligent Vision

To help keep your security team and facility as safe as possible while operating at maximum efficiency, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain security solutions that protect your entire facility. Contact Vision today to get started with a customized, integrated, and scalable safety and security solution.

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