Many of us use vehicle gates daily. When we do, multiple security solutions control and monitor our every move.


Vehicle barriers, usually arm gates, keep unauthorized vehicles out of secure parking areas and require visitors to check-in for access before entry. Gates can be operated manually by guard staff or opened automatically when a vehicle operator presents an access card credential.

Access Control

For many applications, the access control system is integrated with the gate control system. Employees and authorized visitors with a previously issued card credentials can enter the area easily. If they have a problem with their card, they’ll need to communicate with security at the gate or remotely via intercom to plead their case. Video surveillance is often integrated to the access control system as well. This allows for easy reference of recorded video based on access control history logs.


Intercoms establish voice communication with an officer or administrator when the gate isn’t opening properly, or a visitor approaches the gate without a card credential. When the intercom is integrated with the gate control system, the officer can open the gate from a remote location by pressing a specific button on the main intercom station.

Video Surveillance

It’s necessary to have multiple camera types at vehicle entry gates. To capture the overall scene, cameras must be selected for a variety of lighting conditions. Consider the environment, headlights, and nighttime visibility when mounting cameras. In many cases, one camera will have a wide field of view to capture the entire area, while a second camera is placed next to the card credential read to capture the identity of the vehicle operator.

License Plate Capture

License plates are critical for investigations. Capturing a plate can be particularly challenging due to headlight and tail light brightness. Specialty cameras can ignore the bright lights and clearly capture the license plate numbers in a black and white image.

License Plate Recognition

In some applications, it’s not enough to simply record the video images of the license plate. Specialized software can be used to read the number and add it to a database for future reference. It can also be compare to a white or black list of known plate numbers.

Unified Solutions

Unified gate security solutions incorporate intercom, video cameras, access control, gate control, and visitor management systems. When these systems are combined into a solution, operation is simplified.

With a fully integrated solution, the license plate number of a known guest can be preprogrammed into the allowed visitor list. When the visitor arrives in the pre-enrolled vehicle, the video cameras can see the license plate, interpret the plate number, compare it to the known visitor list, and grant permission to the access control system to open the gate. This level of integration and streamlined operational plan improves security, saves time, and welcomes visitors with a speedy entry.

The Right Partner

Unified solutions, when properly deployed, protect your employees, visitors, and valuable property. A comprehensive review, discovery, and rollout plan is critical to developing a scalable and operationally efficient solution.

In addition to a unified security solution that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs, Vision Security Technologies offers a customizable maintenance and service plan that keeps integrated systems running optimally. The Vision Investment Protection plan, like your system, can grow and change with your organization, uncovering potential problems before they arise. Additionally, Vision Investment Protection provides on-site and remote response, safeguarding your investment and securing your facility.

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