Government, houses of worship, and organizations of every type are rethinking security and safety during the current health crisis. Distancing is a strategy that’s likely to stick around once we’re back to a “new normal.” Distancing historically meant keeping a guest or visitor outside of a facility until they could be vetted for proper identification. Now, it’s likely that this strategy will be employed more widely inside of buildings for employees and contractors as well.

Enabling observation and communication from a distance allows not only for improved security protocols, but also enhanced health safety and streamlined operations.

Intercom with integrated video can be used at places around your facility beyond just the front door or vehicle entrance gate. Now that more people are becoming comfortable with video chat, there’s a good chance that there’s an opportunity to more widely deploy intercom stations at your facility. This can speed up communication by cutting down on the time it takes to walk and speak face to face.

By connecting the intercom system to your organization’s SIP-based voice over IP phone system, you allow intercom stations to act as desk phones, allowing workers at every desk to receive or send communications to a much wider network of communication devices.

Video surveillance can also be a used as part of an enhanced distancing and safety strategy. Observing more areas with higher detail can allow security staff to evaluate more situations in more detail prior to sending a staff member to investigate.

Looking into the future, it will be interesting to see how emerging technologies like video analytics for people counting and loitering, wipe-down field devices with deep cleaning consideration, and thermal imaging evolve and become part of a standard security and safety solution.

A Healthy Vision

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