Imagine consolidating a variety of tasks into one action. How much time could be saved for management? How much friction could be reduced for employees? How could the unification of tasks result higher procedure compliance? Enter the wonderful and magical capabilities of integrated systems!

When an employee arrives at a facility, whether a Class A office building entrance or a warehouse gate, a variety of tasks need to be completed before the employee can get to work. Reducing the list of tasks can make arriving at work less stressful and more productive.

In many cases, an employee must gain entry to the building at an optical or mechanical turnstile. With one swipe of an access control card, a variety of daily tasks can be unified. The swipe of the card can verify the identity of the employee and release the turnstile while also timestamping the employee’s electronic timecard and recording video surveillance footage for immediate or post-incident review. This single action can ensure compliance with security, operations, and human resources policies and procedures. And during times like a pandemic or need to verify occupancy for emergency mustering, this one swipe can mean simplified contact tracing and personnel location verification.

On the backend, this can mean significant headache reduction for administrators and managers.

With one swipe, security can be assured that only current and authorized employees are gaining access to the facility, potentially eliminating the need for a security officer to be stationed at the entrance. The security camera footage of the employee can even be viewed at a remote command center as the action is taking place.

Human resources can be assured that all employees are clocked in once they arrive. And, if “badging out” is enabled, the end of day clock-out can be accomplished in the same fashion. Doing this in an automated, electronic fashion can eliminate legacy timecard systems which can result in missing clock in/out stamps as well as errors in manual transcription to the payroll system.

Operations managers can be notified as employees arrive, giving them a bit more time to plan for the day’s activities. Likewise, in an emergency, managers will know exactly who reported to work to assist with personnel accountability at muster stations.

Simplified Processes

Using an integrated solution should unify systems and streamline operations, eliminating unnecessary delays in response. It can also reduce time spent by managers and administrators on daily tasks, freeing them to improve other aspects of the operation and grow the bottom line of the business.

However, choosing the ideal systems and a qualified, experienced systems integration partner is the key to success. The ideal partner will recommend systems that can be seamlessly integrated to create a custom solution for your organization.

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