Depending on your operations, specific portions of your production, warehousing, or other areas may operate on different schedules, requiring different security measures at different times of day. This can result, most often, in areas remaining unsecure due to limitations of the intrusion detection system, or even just due to ineffective programming.

Breaking up your facility in multiple protected “zones” or “areas” allows specific parts of your facility to be secured by a single intrusion detection system while other areas remain accessible. It could also mean that warehouse workers can move about freely while overhead loading doors remain secured and monitored. This can be accomplished for multiple zones or buildings, making this type of capability ideal for facilities of all types.

To enable this functionality and flexibility, your intrusion detection alarm system must be capable of monitoring and securing areas independently. Next, the system must be programmed to be armed or disarmed by area either with a passcode, fob/card credential, or even based on a time schedule. An employee’s passcode or credential can be restricted based on specific zone, time of day, or even day of week, thus ensuring internal controls.

When creating intrusion detection zones, the same detectors commonly used are assigned to that specific zone. These commonly include door contacts, window contacts, and motion detectors.

Pro tip: the intrusion detection system can be integrated into other security, safety, and process systems, creating a unification of systems that can streamline operations.

Customized Security

Deploying a customized intrusion detection system empowers industrial facility owners, managers, and operators to keep crews safe and assets protected at all times of day, regardless of which portions of the facility are active at any given time.

However, choosing a flexible and scalable intrusion detection system and a qualified, experienced systems integration partner is the key to success. The ideal partner will recommend a system that can be custom programmed to create the ideal security solution for your organization.  

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