At any given time, especially during after-hours time, there may be areas f your facility which become off-limits for employees and contractors. While some areas can be closed off with doors or gates, other may not have a physical barrier that can be put in place. Fortunately, there is a solution that can alert security staff or managers when someone crosses into an off-limits area during their shift: video analytics.

Video analytics have earned a bad name over the years with a history of false and nuisance alarms and a big price tag. However, modern intelligent video analytics have overcome both challenges.

With the increase in video resolution and dramatic improvements in algorithms, system users can be assured that false and nuisance alarms have been significantly reduced. Likewise, in many cases, the video analytics are included in the purchase of the security camera, eliminating a variety of previous costs which included specialty computers and software.

So, how does it work? A user interface is used to access the programming section of the security camera which includes easy-to-navigate rules which can be created to create an alert when specific behaviors occur.  The camera, which is nearby the area that needs to be secured, must have a clear view of the area, preferably from a bird’s eye perspective. The near, overhead placement is critical to false alarm reduction.

For example, a virtual line can be placed in front of an open entrance to a closed or dangerous part of a facility. When a person crosses into that area during an unauthorized time of day, a variety of alerts can be triggered. There can be an alert at a security desk, email to a supervisor, or even a local voice message can be broadcast in the area, politely asking the person to return to the authorized area immediately. Additionally, a local warning could be provided as the person approaches the area, eliminating the unauthorized entry entirely.

Alerts can be programmed as part of the video management system, or even through other integrated systems like the intrusion detection system.

Virtual Security

Securing areas of a facility that aren’t easily sectioned off and secured from other areas can be a significant safety and security challenge. Using modern solutions to solve old, persistent problems is the job of a forward-thinking security and safety solutions provider like Vision.

However, choosing a flexible and scalable video analytics solution goes beyond simply selecting a brand or model of cameras. Considerations must be made for the video management system as well as any integrated systems.

Selecting a security integration partner that has experience and expertise in modern solutions is the key to success. The ideal partner will recommend a system that can be custom designed and programmed to create the ideal video analytics intrusion detection security solution for your facility. 

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