Depending on the shift your employee is assigned to, their experience in accessing and securing door keys, laptops, tablets, and other devices they use for their job can vary widely. And, for managers, auditing the location of those same devices can be an even greater challenge. To address these challenges, streamline operations, and reduce headaches, facility and security managers are deploying dedicated systems called Key and Equipment Management solutions.

These control systems enable facilities to secure, manage, and audit the use of physical assets including mechanical keys, electronic devices, flashlights, portable radios, equipment, machinery, and vehicles. These tracking systems result in improved staff efficiency, reduced downtime due to lost or missing equipment or keys, which in turn means less time wasted by managers.

Specialty locker systems are available to store keys and equipment of a variety of sizes with the smallest physical footprint. These cabinets are designed to limit access to the cabinet as well as to each device or key that is secured inside the cabinet. Once a cabinet is accessed, the logging begins automatically. These system tracks who opened the cabinet and which key or asset was removed. This ensures that if something is missing at the end of the shift, it will be known exactly who accessed it last. Knowing this level of tracking is present will encourage employees to return all keys, devices, and equipment promptly after use or after their shift.

Managing security of difficult to track devices with an automated system ensures that all staff have access to the keys and devices they need without having to track down a supervisor or manager to get their job started.

When it comes to keys, specialty security devices are attached to the key or keyring, ensuring that the whereabouts of every key can be traced efficiently. And, with an electronic identifier, the need to use written labels is eliminated, reducing unauthorized risk of use if the key is lost or stolen.

For larger items, like laptops or flashlights, RFID technology is used to track the assets. And by using the specialty locker system, charging of battery powered devices is simple as it can occur within the secure locker when the device is not in use.

Equipment use logs can be generated, showing usage over time for each person. The same software is used to create user access levels and to enter employees into the system.

Device Security

Securing the very things that provide security and safety can be a significant challenge. Using new solutions to solve old problems is a welcome way to reduce headaches, streamline operations, and ensure accountability.

However, choosing a flexible and scalable asset security solution and the ideal dealer is the key to success. The ideal partner will recommend a system that can be custom designed and programmed to create the ideal asset security solution for your organization.

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