Organizations of all sizes deserve a fully-functional access control solution that requires minimal maintenance and rarely interrupts business operations. Maintenance and management are a must and, as a result, business interruptions may be an occasional reality. The ideal solution to this challenge is to deploy a system that maximizes efficiency and convenience while guaranteeing a secure facility.

One such organization required that exact solution.

Their security and administration team required the system be used at the location with minimal time investment by onsite staff.


The go-to solution for such an application is a cloud-based access control system that is maintained and managed by a security integrator offsite. Our solution is called VisionMAC.

With a cloud-based solution, like VisionMAC the benefits are immediate and long-lasting. Specialized and dedicated computer hardware or software isn’t required to be purchased, kept onsite, or maintained on-site. Service and maintenance can be performed by the security integrator offsite, eliminating site visits and unnecessary business interruptions. Daily and weekly system management can also be handled by the integrator, including new employee or tenant enrollment, card credential printing, and more.


After deploying VisionMAC, the property manager is no longer hassled by untimely interruptions due to maintenance. Even better, daily administrative tasks are handled by the security integrator. New and replacement card credentials arrive, ready to be delivered to employees and tenants.

Cloud-based Solution Benefits

With VisionMAC, we can provide:

  • Cardholder database management
  • Detailed customized reports
  • Door schedule maintenance
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Employee and tenant admissions administration
  • Alarm activity reporting
  • Credential cards/key fobs/mobile credentials
  • Automated software upgrades and offsite data backups

In addition to saving time and money, our Remote Managed Access Control benefits also include:

  • Eliminated badge printer and supplies
  • Eliminated onsite server
  • Reduced personnel and labor cost for operation and system management
  • Eliminated onsite service calls for computer maintenance and software upgrades

Professional Security Partner

The Vision team can survey your facility and coordinate the design, installation, and integration of all required security hardware and software.

In addition to a solution that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs, Vision Security Technologies offers a customizable maintenance and service plan that optimizes integrated systems. The Vision Investment Protection plan, like your system, can grow and change with your organization. Together, you’ll uncover potential problems before they arise. Additionally, Vision Investment Protection provides onsite and remote response, safeguarding your investment and securing your facility.

Vision has full-time, highly skilled electrical engineers and AutoCAD professionals on staff. Our team can provide planned drawings, riser diagrams, and as-built diagrams in both electronic and hard copy formats for every project. We provide complete network installations, maintenance, database conversions, software installations, and upgrades. Our engineers have both Cisco and Microsoft certifications.

Contact the Vision team now to discuss the benefits of properly and professionally securing your organization.