Emergency response can be stressful and demanding. Expedient, appropriate responses save lives and preserve property, but disparate systems can hamper the process.

Disparate Systems

Security systems are often installed separately and over a long time as new challenges are revealed. A warehouse, for example, may open with a simple intrusion detection system that allows employees to activate and deactivate an alarm system that protects the doors and windows. After a break-in, the warehouse may add video surveillance cameras. As the company grows and more employees work in the warehouse, access control is installed to limit access to certain areas of the warehouse.

When these systems are installed separately, often by different security integrators, they operate independently. Multiple monitors, keyboards, and mice may crowd the security officer’s desk. During normal operations, when time and pressure are irrelevant, the systems work fine. During an emergency, system operation may become a time-consuming challenge.

Unified Solutions

Unified solutions are created when multiple systems work together to streamline operations. Fewer monitors, keyboards, and mice are required. Information from more than one system is presented in a single graphical user interface. One system may even act as a trigger for a second system. For example, when a door is opened at the rear of the warehouse, a security camera may automatically display footage on the security officer’s screen. With a disparate system, the officer would have to hunt for the right camera, often missing key actions.

Unified Solution Provider

It’s critical to choose the right partner for unified solutions. System integration engineers a solution of multiple systems from a variety of manufacturers. The solution design considers existing and future technologies, and multiple programming languages and protocols like ONVIF, API, and SDK are common.

Extensive scope-of-work documentation is required before purchase and programming. Without proper planning, systems may not work as expected. Specific operational expectations must be established by all stakeholders to clearly define daily and conditional operating procedures.

Independent and unified operations will vary between systems. Extensive engineering and programming are required to deliver a unified solution. Ideal integrators develop close manufacturer relationships for better execution, and manufacturers offer a variety of toolkits and resources for system unification.

The Right Partner

The Vision team provides comprehensive unified solutions to a variety of companies and organizations. Our team will work tirelessly to clearly define expectations and deliver ideal solutions.

Vision Security Technologies is one of the largest security integrators in the Southeast providing innovative unified security solutions utilizing IP-Video, access control, intrusion and audio components for education, government, healthcare, utilities, stadiums and arenas, industrial, transit and commercial office.

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