Lost keys cause operational slowdowns and are fraught with security implications. Fleet vehicles keys must be secured for authorized operators and easily transferred between operators.
Key management can be challenging and time-consuming. Decentralized keys need centralized management that is provided by an enterprise-level tracking system.
Complete and real-time asset accountability with integration to human resources systems will ensure fleet readiness.

Managing These Challenges

Are you using a lockbox for vehicle keys?

The ideal key management system keeps vehicles moving, and only authorized drivers behind the wheel. With software integration to an enterprise-level key management and accountability solution, human resources and management can closely control access to these keys by connecting employee operational status to key access.

What if a key isn’t returned?

A smart fleet key accountability system can send automated notifications to supervisors when keys aren’t returned in a timely fashion. This improves key retrieval, keeps your vehicles on the road, and your operation moving efficiently.

Asset Management Solution

Traka, a revolutionary key management system, provides a smart way to secure, manage, and audit door & vehicle keys, company assets, and operational processes. It makes the process efficient, secure, and reliable.

Benefits of Traka’s Fleet Management Solution:

• Automatically add and remove users with integration to human resources or other databases.

• Determine and allocate access permissions by integrating with human resource or other databases.

• Allocate vehicles to authorized drivers at specific reservation times by linking to existing fleet management or work order systems.

• Generate urgent service and scheduled maintenance requests automatically and at defined mileage intervals, or when vehicle faults are reported by a driver.

• Prevent drivers from clocking out or leaving your property until keys are safely returned.

• Hold staff accountable by automatically suspending driver access privileges based on license renewal, certification status, or the completion of required training.

• Get a dashboard view of your fleet data by monitoring key and user events within your current system.

Vision Security Technologies is the sole Traka Certified Reseller in Alabama and Tennessee. We provide unparalleled design, installation, and maintenance expertise. The Traka asset accountability system footprint extends to over 70 countries with 44,000 employees supporting the technology solution globally.

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