In Part 1 of this 2-part series, we discussed how to reduce and improve post-incident investigations using new advances in video analytics technology.

Today, video analytics have a new chance to be a productive part of security operations rather than a costly distraction. Advancements in the analytics algorithms combined with high resolution cameras are providing security teams with a new tool that solves many challenges.

  • Challenge 1 – Reduce Investigation Time – more cameras in video surveillance systems today means more investigation time is required to review the video evidence.
  • Challenge 2 – More Cameras than Are Manageable – As the quality of security footage improves and the cost to store the footage declines, security operators are challenged with which cameras to view at the control room.

Now, let’s take on the second challenge.

Part 2: More Cameras Than Are Manageable

As the cost of cameras lowers, the number of cameras deployed at a facility increases, and the resolution and usability of the cameras improves, a significant challenge emerges for the security operations team – what cameras do they watch in real time?

Historically, security operators would leave a handful of cameras on the monitor or maybe two monitors at their desk, glancing over from time to time to watch expected foot traffic walk through the front door or observe a truck at the loading dock. Studies have shown that after several minutes, attention on the cameras drops, making continual critical observation nearly impossible. Add to this challenge that there are now many more cameras deployed at any single facility, and you can imagine the situation for security operators sitting at a desk, only able to view a dozen or so cameras out of the 50, 100, or even more that are installed.

Today, video analytics can automatically bring the cameras onto the operators’ screens that need to be viewed based on specific behavior in the scene. Thus, cameras without suspect activity are removed from the screen until the system determines that something of interest is occurring. For example, loitering near a back door could be a behavior that raises an alert as could a truck parked for too long at a loading dock. Likewise, a person crossing a virtual line in a warehouse could be of interest to security.

To deploy such a smart video surveillance system, it must be backed up by powerful video analytics software that is integrated deeply into the user interface of the video management system. How this is accomplished reliably?  Artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are two technology terms that now enable video surveillance operators to focus on specific behaviors that are of interest to the security team. These technologies improve facial recognition, intrusion detection, health screening, and even license plate recognition in a reliable, actionable solution.

This type of video analytics solution finds objects and patterns occurring real-time across the multiple cameras at your facility simultaneously and reliably.

Even operational activities like health screening can become automated, speeding up the process, reducing human resource demands, and keeping staff farther from the front line. These processes can include face mask detection, distancing enforcement, occupancy management, and body temperature detection.

Likewise, these systems can also detect suspicious behaviors like loitering, line crossing, path of travel, and other predictable activities that are unique to each area being observed and recorded.

Automation through Video Analytics

The Vision team is ready to help you protect your students, employees, and visitors by establishing a comprehensive live and playback video surveillance solution that leverages the newest, proven video analytics technologies. We will deploy systems that automate real-time and playback video surveillance operations, unlocking your system’s full capability, allowing your team to observe specific areas when and where it counts.

We can help implement immediate improvements and design new, long-term video surveillance solutions. We will navigate initial discussions with all stakeholders by clearly explaining the various technologies and how they operate and impact the overall safety and security plan.

Once a plan is approved, our experienced and professional design and installation team will ensure your facility and surrounding grounds are protected.

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