Business, organizations, and government agencies are working to reopen and stay open during and following the pandemic. One of the top priorities is instituting an operational plan to ensure safe distancing between workers and visitors. Additionally, there is a need to create as touch-free an environment as possible. And when it comes to entering or exiting buildings or rooms, the entry point is a key concern.

There are several considerations when it comes to going touch-free at an entrance. First, you must consider the physical requirement of having to touch an object or operate a device. Second, there must be consideration to security.

Exterior touch-free entrances

Installing a full-height revolving door eliminates the need to touch a door handle to gain entry, which is especially important in high-traffic buildings where touch-free and unimpeded ingress and egress are required. Revolving doors are available in a wide variety of finishes to best fit the function and design of the entrance.

Lobby entry control

Once past the exterior door, the next point of control is usually at a lobby turnstile. Most interior applications utilize speed lane optical turnstiles that allow an authorized person to pass quickly through while maintaining an architecturally desirable appearance. This is where credentials are most often presented during normal operating hours. Turnstiles in the lobby eliminate the need for every person to stop at the security or reception desk before proceeding. This enables credentialed employees to enter freely while forcing visitors and contractors to stop before entering.

The security of touch-free

Installing these types of entry control devices can enable a touch-free experience both at the exterior entrance as well as inside of the lobby. Using credentials eliminates unnecessary gathering in the lobby and enables appropriate distancing. The credential reader, whether card or biometric, can be built into the lobby turnstile, maintaining the architectural appeal while enabling a secure environment.

Enrolling visitors into the visitor management or access control system prior to their arrival reduces person-to-person interaction in the lobby or at the reception or security desk. Once credentialled, visitors can come and go through the exterior door and lobby turnstiles freely based upon their level of authority.

Fortunately, most credentials are now PIN-free, removing the requirement to physically enter a private code to enter. Now, the use of biometrics and close-proximity cards removes the need to touch a device with your hands. Additionally, credential readers are high speed and allow the employee to pass through quickly.

A Touch-free Vision

To help keep your security team and facility as safe as possible, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain entrance control systems that meets the needs of your organization. We will work with your IT team, security team, and customer service representatives to ensure that all stakeholders’ operational expectations are met.

Our team can perform any on-site installation, migration, or maintenance during non-peak hours with proper PPE in place. We will visit your site in-person during off-peak hours, virtually using streaming video, or review your existing location drawings and as-built diagrams to determine the best solution.

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