State contracts can be a challenge to navigate. They’re typically leveraged for equipment purchasing and/or installation of security cameras and recording devices. The equipment can range from basic surveillance cameras and simple digital video recorders to high-performance low-light and megapixel cameras with network-connected recording systems.


Contracts often have several advantages:

  • Eliminating or shortening the bidding process
  • Speeding up the procurement timeline
  • Connecting you to known, authorized, & trusted experts
  • Reducing your overall equipment cost
  • Reducing your installation cost
  • Extended warranties
  • Guaranteed service response times

Alabama School and Government Entities Only

T011 Video Surveillance Cameras and Related Equipment Contract Terms and Conditions MASTER AGREEMENT NUMBER: MA 999 17000000174 establishes a contract for the purchase of video surveillance cameras of various types, related equipment, and software with the option to either purchase equipment only or to purchase equipment and installation for all Alabama state agencies. Contract prices are available to all local governments and schools. This contract is valid until April 9, 2018.

How Vision can Help…

Ordering specific part numbers or an entire new system without expert advice can be costly. Vision Security Technologies is an authorized contract vendor. We will help ensure that the part numbers you are ordering are perfect for your project. If your project is a repair or upgrade, compatibility with existing components is critical.

Likewise, if you’re adding a new system or replacing an old system in its entirety, you need to be careful with regard to compatibility. This is particularly important with IP based solutions. Analog systems of the past were very open-platform between manufacturers. Now, with IP video solutions, cross compatibility isn’t guaranteed when it comes to video codecs, integration, etc. While ONVIF and other standards have become mainstream, Vision will ensure your cameras, mounts, recorders, and any required integration will work together before you place your order.

Vision Security Technologies and Government Contracting

From city and county municipalities, to state agencies and federal organizations, Vision has collaborated with clients to drive compatibility between departments, understanding the importance of clear communication.

While versed in the buying exercise, we have built trusted business partnerships with state agencies and can design, install, and service single locations, full campuses, and national enterprise deployments with a full suite of physical security solutions.

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