Having round the clock surveillance monitoring your facility all year long requires many systems to be connected and working together. The reality is that several factors are leading to video surveillance systems having more and more cameras attached to them. And, this ongoing upscaling of camera systems is causing a live monitoring crisis for many security system operators.

Fortunately, there’s a reliable solution for the challenge: smart cameras enabled with video analytics. And, the good news is that video analytics are more reliable than ever.

Perimeter Applications

Cameras around the perimeter of a property or building are rarely monitored continually. Since very little unauthorized behavior occurs, these cameras go largely unwatched until after an incident has occurred and an investigation is underway. However, if a camera can be programmed to watch for specific, unauthorized behavior, it could alert onsite security staff that a problem is developing.

One of the reasons that analytics are becoming more reasonable to implement is that they are becoming more reliable. And, that high level of reliability increases even once the camera is installed. These systems can learn environmental conditions like day and night, wind, rain, swaying trees, and other conditions that used to wreak havoc on video analytics systems, rendering them useless. Today, analytics-enabled cameras are highly reliable and function as a solution, not a nuisance.

Outdoor Close Proximity Applications

Even if your facility doesn’t start protection measures at the property line, virtually every organization would benefit from knowing about suspicious behavior before a threat evolves. For instance, video analytics can be used to detect loitering at a service door. This alert could indicate that a driver unfamiliar with your facility is trying to make a delivery, or it could be detecting suspicious activity as employees leave for the day. These types of alerts can streamline daily operations and provide improved situational awareness before an incident occurs.

Integrated Analytics Solutions

Aside from having many cameras to watch, you likely also have limited security staff available to investigate abnormal situations on the property. Once video analytics bring a situation to your team’s attention, integrated loudspeakers can be used to deter further activity or provide instructions to visitors.

For example, if someone is detected staking out the perimeter of your property, a recorded or live voice message can be sent to the area causing the potential intruder to think twice about continuing their effort to gain entry. Likewise, a loudspeaker at the rear door of your building could provide a wayward visitor with instructions as to which door to use to enter the building for proper vetting.

An Intelligent Vision

To help keep your security team and facility as safe as possible while operating at maximum efficiency, Vision Security Technologies will design, engineer, install, and maintain video analytics solutions that meet the needs of your organization and exceeds the requirements of all stakeholders from the security team to the operations team. Contact Vision today to get started with a customized, integrated, and scalable safety and security solution.

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